Monol’s meals are the best!

Hello. My name is Bonie. I’ve been in Monol for quite some time now. Let me introduce Monol’s meals in this article. Food – one of the three main necessities in life!

Monol has a dining hall inside the campus. They serve food with the highest quality and I am confident that no other school offers the same.

monol-meals (14)

MEAL Schedule:
BREAKFAST 06:50 ~ 08:00
LUNCH 11:50 ~ 13:00
DINNER 17:50 ~ 19:00
*Meals are also served on weekends!

Things to remember!
English Only Policy even while eating!
*A policy I always forget*

It’s the time we look forward to the most but we should talk to our friends in English during this time since we came to Baguio for the purpose of learning English. Still, a lot of students get self-study penalty at the dining room because many are caught not speaking in English here.


monol's meals
This is dining room. Students can control the amount of food to eat because of the buffet setup.
Do they look familiar? These are compartment plates and soup bowls of the school.
Do they look familiar? These are compartment plates and soup bowls of the school.

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After getting your utensils, you go to the first part of the buffet – the salad bar. The order of food at the buffet is: Vegetables, side dishes, soup, rice and lastly the main dish. Vegetables are served three times a day, every day here so I am eating more of them now than when I was in Korea. There are 6-7 kinds of vegetables served in Monol. I feel like I am becoming healthy.

If I would miss something from home, that would be chopsticks. In the Philippines, people use spoon and fork when they eat. Some people also eat with their hand, I heard. I haven’t tried though.
Monol’s meals are the best! Words are not enough so I will show you instead.

monol-meals (16)

Monol’s cooks are also good and the food is really delicious. They can even cook Korean food well.
As you notice in the picture, there are many side dishes. Even the space to put your food in is not enough.

monol's meals
These are the water and beverage dispensers in the dining room. Monol prepares various beverages every time. The service is really awesome!

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A comment sheet is placed near the kitchen entrance. Students can write their appreciation if they enjoyed the food and they can give some suggestions as well. The kitchen staffs would be delighted.
Monol’s Filipino kitchen staffs are really kind. I can see that they really take their job seriously.

Clean with good service – that is Monol’s dining experience. No more worries about food!