Monol’s New Term in 2018

January 7 was the first Sunday in 2018! 
New students welcomed the New Year with new energy as they arrived at Monol Language School.

Students having a tour of the campus

The last pick-up in 2017 caused some problems due to fog around Incheon airport, and many flights were delayed. 

It took us 24 hours to get to our new home, our new Baguio home. The pick-up was very smooth and everyone arrived safely in Baguio.

In fact, the family that had children with them were a little worried about their children. Last
Sunday afternoon, we had a meeting with the managers and trainees from different countries and spent the day on a city ​​tour. 

Is it level test already that you feel the language training in Philippines already starting? Our Monol language level test is on the morning of Monday (the start date).

They are focused.

I also looked at grammar and writing tests to check our basic grammar skills.

A junior student happily answering questions
A junior student during his interview

There was also a one-on-one speaking test. 

After the level test that could not slow down the tension for a moment, a delicious lunch was prepared.

Then, the orientation of the managers from of each country began!

First orientation for the year 2018

Coffee is also prepared to defeat tongue dehydration.

 During this time, there was a Q & A time which is the most important including school regulations. 
After the Q & A, the academy managers spoke on the information to know in advance.

First pizza party for 2018

There was also a pizza party with freshmen last Monday, which was also the first start of 2018.

students-eating-pizza-dining-hall students-eating-pizza-dining-hall


I wish everyone has pleasant and meaningful training without any discrimination between freshmen and new students! 
We are all fighting for 2018 ~! 
A little late New Year greetings ~ Happy New Year ^ _______ ^