Monol’s Recreational English Training Approach for 2023

Study English in the Philippines

There are a lot of reasons why you should study English in the Philippines. Language training in the Philippines is not only popular to students, but also for office workers and seniors. This is because companies take care of the accommodation and meals, along with the English program. Since the pandemic, most workers have become accustomed to working at home as there are many companies that allow this work set up. Regardless of their different lifestyles, their interest in English is the same. It cannot be denied that some may just focus on their speaking skills more while students want to get higher scores.

Why Baguio City is a good place for learning and recreation

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You may want to read this article if you are interested in staying in Baguio for recreation while studying English. We promise you, this article is worth your time!

Many people hesitate to come to Baguio because of having no direct flights from any country. Nevertheless, Baguio has a lot of advantages that are just hard to miss. First, there is cool weather all year round! It is the only city in the Philippines that has a mild climate, high-level English-speaking environment, and various leisure activities.

Baguio is truly a city where a stay for healing, short term living, language training, and vacation are all possible. It is also a place where you can enjoy outdoor activities and maximize the cool weather. Moreover, Baguio is also known as a retirement city for foreigners. Many retirees have stayed to enjoy a leisure-filled retirement life. Undeniably, Baguio has a convenient living environment.

In the past, it was nearly impossible to take long vacations from work and retirement seems to be the viable option. Luckily these days, there are many office workers, individual business owners, and freelancers who can now enjoy long day-offs.

The Baguio weather

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If you ever wonder about Baguio’s weather, the region has a dry and rainy season. July until September is mostly the wettest months while you can enjoy the mild weather for the rest of the year. There are many parks and picnic areas in the city that are not often seen in the Philippines. The city center is surrounded by large and small parks where you can just casually take a stroll.

Aside from the parks, there are many campsites where you can enjoy camping if you wish to. There are also many trail courses where you can enjoy trekking for 1 to 3 hours. Moreover, you can also enjoy mountain climbing as Baguio is located in a mountain range area. On the other side of the city, you can travel about 1 hour and 30 minutes and enjoy the unique Southeast Asian atmosphere at the wonderful beaches. Truly, every leisure activity is at reach and if you wish to escape the busy life for a while, there are a lot of destinations to choose from.

Why MONOL is one of the best English schools in the Philippines in 2023

Monol language school is a place where you can enjoy studying English as a basis, but also can stay for a vacation at the same time. This 2023, Monol will focus on emphasizing a healing experience in what we offer. This makes Monol as one of the best English schools in the Philippines to attend in 2023. A good stay with various facilities and personalized study programs is something to look forward to. First of all, Monol’s programs can be customized to suit your needs. Whether you’re a student, employee, or retiree, just decide what you want and let us know. Monol will suggest a plan that would benefit you!

Monol offers intensive one-on-one classes. In addition, you can focus on your English training more and improve your skills in a short period of time with our personalized LEAP program. The basic classes are composed of 5 sessions one-on-one. If you want to add other classes, you can add up to 4 sessions of group classes for free. For those who think 5 sessions a day is a lot, you can adjust the class time as you wish. Monol does not have a Spartan system and acknowledges the autonomy of its students so you are free to go out except during class hours.

Monol and the Recreational English Training Approach for 2023

We have talked about the different activities that you can do in Baguio and now we will introduce the activities that you can do and enjoy inside Monol. Monol’s facilities may seem similar, but there are actual differences.

First, golf practice and lessons are available inside Monol. You can have individual practice or lessons at the driving range. Field lessons are also available upon request. When you want to personally go out for golf, we will help you arrange it. Next, you can enjoy and learn various exercises at the rooftop gym. We have 10 treadmills waiting for you to use! We also have cycles and weights. The best thing is that there is a trainer to help you work out effectively. Physical exercise can even be better in Monol as there is a separate space for stretching, yoga, boxing, and Muay Thai.

The rooftop of Monol is meant to be a healing space where you can go and rest at any time, not just for exercise. Monol’s view deck boasts the scenery of Baguio’s city and mountain view. Appreciating the scenery can be better with a cup of hot tea or cold beer depending on your mood at Monol’s rooftop lounge. Before you run out of things to do on our rooftop, don’t forget to end your day with relaxing in our hot sauna.

Monol offers a lot of facilities and services that students can enjoy but there are also regulations that students must follow to balance leisure and studies. You can go out and explore the city as long as you do not miss your classes. Moreover, it is not allowed to bring alcohol inside the campus but with our rooftop lounge, you can have up to two bottles of beer and still have a good time.

Living in Monol

When you study, there can be really frustrating days, right? You may think, “I want to take a sip of cold beer.” Drinking is allowed to relieve stress as long as you avail alcoholic drinks in Monol’s rooftop lounge only. Remember, you cannot bring any type of alcohol inside the campus and drink secretly as you will be penalized for violating the rules. We respect that everyone is an adult but Monol only penalizes behavior that will harm others.

Another good thing aside from the controlled alcohol access is that you can connect to Monol’s Wi-Fi at any time at a stable speed anywhere in the building. It is really convenient to set up your home office in your dormitory and study English in the classroom.

There is no better dormitory room type than Monol’s deluxe double room with our recreational English training, language training with friends or couples. This studio-type dormitory has a small kitchen, separate toilet and bathroom, and bedroom. It is the best facility to satisfy all those who are weary of school meals, those who need late-night snacks, and those who want everything to be in the room.

With Monol’s hotel-style dormitory management, laundry and cleaning services are offered. If you come to Monol, your luggage will be lighter as towels are provided already. You can request for new towels any time at the reception area. The reception, housekeeping, and security services are at work 24/7. This means that if you suddenly have a problem in the dormitory at night, there is someone to help you, so don’t worry.

Do you know what Monol has that others don’t? All these services are free! Another great thing about Monol is that there is no separate management fee for electricity and water consumption.

Come and attend one of the best English schools in the Philippines in 2023

With Monol’s services and enjoyable facilities, you may think that is the end of it. Now, we want to introduce our weekend trip program. You can enjoy a comfortable trip outside Monol without worrying where to go and how to get there. We plan the itinerary for you, provide a shuttle service, and even have staff guide you. In this way, all you have to bring is yourself and your camera.

Monol’s weekend trips are set for a group tour and you also have to pay an amount for the services. This is the time for you to make friends with other Monol students. You can be shy to converse at first but as the minutes pass by, you won’t regret joining the trip. If you travel once with a group, it will be great help for you in planning for a personal trip later.

Overall, if you want to experience healing from different activities and environments while having language training alongside work, you don’t have to look elsewhere. Enroll now for our ‘recreational language training’ at a reasonable cost here in Monol and benefit from our various free amenities. Experience the magic here at Monol and enjoy your English study here in the Philippines.

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