Moving to the music: Zumba at Monol 2019

As a special Friday treat for the students, teachers, and staff at Monol, the academy arranged a little Zumba session on October 25, 2019. Led by Monol’s very own Yoga and fitness instructor, Ma’am Cindy, the activity was scheduled after class and work hours at 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. To make it more accessible to those interested to join, the activity was held in the school’s lounge. 

Zumba is a simple yet great way to get moving. Undeniably, day to day activities like sitting in class or doing desk work can get sedentary. So, with this exercise as well as other fitness programs in Monol, the school hopes to promote an active lifestyle.

Aerobic fitness with Zumba

The activity centers on the theme ‘All you need is a beat to become fit.’ Those who joined the aerobic fitness exercise got to experience a fun full-body workout to upbeat music. Some benefits of Zumba include building endurance, improving cardiovascular fitness, burning calories and fat, plus better blood pressure.

Aside from that, Zumba is an easy and inclusive activity where everyone can get their blood pumping, socialize, and have fun. Meanwhile, when it comes to more ways to exercise and get fit, Monol has fitness and sports facilities available for use. These include a gym, yoga room, golf driving range and open basketball court! 

Monol fitness programs

Certain fitness programs are also available in the academy. To avail of these, students need to sign up for the classes at the Student Relations Department (SRD). These programs include Muay Thai, boxing, cardio boxing, body toning, yoga, and Pilates. Finally, when the workout is over, Monol also provides a sauna where students can relax their tired muscles.  

The academy supports not only the academic side of student life, but also their health and fitness. With this, Monol strives to make it easy for students to live and learn during their stay in Baguio.