My Experience in MONOL by Myles Chen

I have already studied in Monol International Education Institute for almost 5 weeks. My English skill has improved a lot when I start studying IELTS, especially that I gradually adapted to the IELTS classes. Today, I’m going to elaborate the reasons for choosing IELTS course.

I eventually chose to study IELTS class. The Chinese manager told me, “IELTS course is more than just learning the IELTS test itself, and the English progress is incidental. If you continue to study in the basic course before IELTS course, the starting point for learning is still the same.”

Although I already did the registration, I still felt nervous. I want to praise our Chinese manager for giving me pieces of advice that are pertinent and practical. Also, thanks to my class teacher and my Taiwanese roommate because they gave me a good opinion.

I completed a week of IELTS courses and gradually adapted to the rhythm of the class. This proves that my decision is right. The current class time is nine hours a day, including three hours of 1:1 class (speaking and writing), five hours of 1:4 class (listening, reading, speaking and writing), and a grammar lesson. Writing 300-500 words a day and absorbing substantial lessons, the improvement of my English skill became obvious.

Time flies slowly. After learning so many things, it just took only a week.

The specific challenges in class are Listening and Reading. Both have the same challenge, and the majority of the answers will not be obtained directly. It requires thinking and reaction. For example, if you hear today or tomorrow’s date but you need to write the date of three days ago, it really needs to write a specific time. Or when you read a bunch of numbers and letters mixed, it is a common situation that you will suddenly realize there’s something wrong after you finished writing. It’s a big problem for me.

The same is true for the reading part, most of the answers cannot be found in articles.

Here’s a sample:

Today I quarreled with my mom and went to school crying for a day. Finally, my father came to pick me up but met me and my boyfriend instead.

The question is, “What’s my dad’s name?” Or “Did dad pick me home at the end?”

Ha ha ha. If you do not understand the whole paragraph, how do you find the correct answer?

As for speaking and writing, it takes time to master a large number of structures, and there is a standard term when you answer questions.

Finally, it is time to talk about my life and self-regulation of the challenge.

This week is a holiday if you’re staying abroad. Christmas day and New Year have put four days off. Everybody has travel plans. For me, there is no concept of interest as strong as learning English. Four days of play can make me feel tired and also worry about a pile of homework. I think that instead of following other people, I prefer to go on a deep dive, learn to surf or visit the most worthy spot. Therefore, I have a plan, which is after the exam, I am going to find a place for vacation and stay for more than a week to do these few things.

For self-regulation, there are many classes in one day. With this, we need to review so much knowledge that are provided in our classes and preview the next day class content. Everyone is exhausted and complaining but this is most likely human nature.

In my opinion, it is better to face the challenge and adjust your mindset so the outcome will be completely different. The moment I felt the strongest, I cried. But also roared loudly from the heart, “Come again! Come again!” It is similar to fitness. For example, after exercising, we can tell others that, “This is real strength that is not really without tears because I’m still running hard with tears.” And show the serious expression of a calm face. Ha ha ha.