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My Favorite Places in Baguio

In a flash, 8 weeks passed. On weekdays, one of my most favorite places is the convenience store in front of Monol. Although I just eat some snacks there, I would feel extremely happy.

I still remember that I anticipated the weekends. Even though we just hang around downtown, we would feel satisfied. We used to go to coffee shops and massage shops nearby Monol, especially MAJIC OVEN. I often go there because of the delicious desserts.

Moreover, if we need to buy some necessities, we would go to PURE GOLD. Sometimes we go to other cities for a trip. It is really hot at the lowlands, but we had fun during that time. Sometimes I go out with the teachers of Monol and together we explore many tourist spots and restaurants in Baguio.

Monol is holding weekend trips every two weeks. Trips to Hundred Islands, Vigan, etc. If the student doesn’t want to take public transportation, the student can apply for Monol’s weekend trip and just follow the schedule. I think that is easier and safer. But I always go on trips with my friends by bus or van.

I was impressed by the trip when I traveled to Clark / Subic for New Year Eve’s Celebration. It was my first time to spend an hour buying a bus ticket. That was really interesting. Fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed at Clark / Subic. Subic’s beach is really unforgettable and we watched the fireworks for around 5 mins in Clark. In addition, the tenants of Clark are enthusiastic. Although the weather was hot, I enjoyed.

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This SPA is located near Monol. You just need to walk around 10mins. I think it is as good as Sparadise.
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This coffee shop is beside the SPA, the coffee tastes nice and this coffee shop also offers tabletop games. We can have fun with our friends here.
This cat is always at Monol’s gate. It is like a pet of Monol.
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There are many delicious kinds of pasta and pizzas in GRUMPY JOE.

I have a lot of memories in the yoga room of Monol. From Monday to Friday I used to exercise there with my friends. After that, we went to the sauna to relax. I could practice English while I exercise there. It also is a place for killing time. 

These are my favorite places in Baguio. This trip abroad gave me a lot of experiences, such as make many friends with roommates and classmates who come from different countries. We met each other because of Monol. Every teacher who has taught me is kind and patient. Sometimes we hung out together and became friends.

by Rita Chiu

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