My First Time in Monol

Today, I will share about my first time in Monol. This is the beginning of my journey of learning English.

Note: Written in October 2022

Monol’s Accommodation

When you come to Monol, the first thing you think of is “food and lodging”. What kind of food and accommodation do you imagine in Monol? Let me share with you my actual experience.

Let me talk about living first. I stay in Monol’s double room (superior double room). It is clean and tidy and well-equipped (microwave oven, induction cooker, refrigerator, kitchen and bathroom knives, dishes, etc. are all available; learning Table lamps, desks, etc.; water heaters, safes, wooden furniture, etc. for daily use; dehumidifiers for the special climate in the mountains are also very effective).

It feels like a domestic 3-star home stay standard. The surrounding environment is also quiet and beautiful. Because Monol school is located in the mountains, the foundation stands on the mountainside, and it is high on the top of the hill. Therefore, you can see the beauty of the valley when you open the curtain of the dormitory facing the mountain, and you can see the beauty of the city’s architecture when you open the window of the dormitory facing the mountain. There is a small road about 50 meters to the right of the dormitory. The winding path leads directly to the depths of the valley, which is very beautiful.

Monol’s Food System

Monol has its own canteen restaurant, the price is affordable for 1 person, 2 meat and 1 soup with rice is 80 pesos. The taste is like that of an ordinary canteen, so don’t expect too much from this. However, the cafeteria also offers à la carte meals. Among them are the pasta and sandwiches which are not bad, and the price is more than 100 pesos. You can try it.

If you have been eating in the cafeteria for a long time and want to change the taste, there are many choices. Recommended by my classmates who came here to study earlier than us, there is a good restaurant opposite the school, and there is barbecue in the evening, the taste and price are not bad. There are also some other restaurants on the left and right sides. If you use the Grab-food and foodpanda application on your mobile phone, then you can taste the wide food range and choices of Baguio.