My Impressions of PH

Most people, if not all, get impressed by someone or some places they are seeing for the first time. My first impressions of the Philippines are quite different from the subtitle, “A country of bananas, the best place for a honeymoon, and a peaceful country.”

When I arrived at the airport, I couldn’t communicate with Filipinos I was even deceived by taxi drivers. After I experienced this situation, I was afraid of meeting and talking with Filipinos. However, first impressions are not always accurate and should not be used to define our opinion of a person or a place.

When I arrived at Monol, regardless of my concerns, I realized that my first impression of the Philippines was totally wrong. They, especially teachers gave me a hearty welcome thoughtful consideration. Their considerate treatment immediately changed my impression of the Philippines in a good way, and it relieved my concerns.

Also, I have met many good friends and teachers during my Monol life. I have talked with them from light topics to deeper topics. Through our conversations, we could empathize and share a lot of experiences and emotions with each other. Moreover, I have been to many beautiful attractions such as San Juan, Hundred Islands, Camp John Hay, and so on. I have met a lot of kind and thoughtful Filipinos who are good-hearted there.

Thanks to these experiences. I have had a wonderful time here in the Philippines. There is a saying that goes, “A tiger dies and leaves his coat. A man dies and leaves his name.” As the saying goes, my memories here in the Philippines will become never-to-be-forgotten days to me.

I will cherish these unforgettable memories of my whole life.

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