My Monol Experience: A Student Interview

As part of a Baguio English Schools Association (BESA) interview, Student Edith shares her most memorable experience in Monol academy. Student Edith, who is from Taiwan, came to Monol to achieve her IELTS target score. She originally aimed for a target score of 6.5 but ended up reaching an IELTS score of 7 in her five weeks. She considers this her greatest achievement in Monol.

Her time spent in the IELTS course was not her last in the school. After achieving her dream score, Student Edith came back to Monol to study for a second time. This time, her focus was further improving her English skills and maintaining her English fluency.

Why Baguio?

As there are many places where students can study English, why did student Edith choose Baguio of all places? As she explains in the interview, Baguio was on the top of her list as she wanted a location where she can focus on studying but also a place where she could do healthy activities during the weekend.

Baguio’s weather was also a big factor for her as it’s not too cold or hot in the city. According to her, this makes it the perfect weather for studying comfortably.

Aside from the weather, student Edith mentions that her teachers in Monol are extremely helpful. Prior to enrolling in the academy, she did her research online and consulted with her agency who also recommended the academy for her IELTS study. Now that she has experienced classes in the academy, she explains that it was a good opportunity to learn with quality teachers.

What Can New Students Expect?

Student Edith advises new students to be open-minded as well as being target-oriented. With this kind of diverse environment, she explains that students will meet many people from different countries. At times, meeting new people can become a distraction so it’s best to always keep in mind that studying is a priority.

Being open-minded is also important especially for students who are studying abroad for the first time. Surely, a lot of things are different from what they are used to in their own country. From the food, language, and culture, being open-minded can help students adapt to the new environment. Aside from studying English, everything else is also part of the learning experience.