My Studying Abroad Experience

I have finished my trip for six months. I came to Monol to study English before I start working. Why did I choose Monol? It’s not only because the quality of the teachers is the best, but also because there is a different view in Baguio compared to other cities. This is my studying abroad experience. Let’s continue reading…

  • What you should bring before going to Monol: Baguio is a comfortable city. The temperature is around 20 degrees. Occasionally it is rainy. You need to prepare some clothes that can keep you warm, like long sleeves and jackets. It is better to bring 2-3 warm clothes. Moreover, you must bring an umbrella. In addition, if you purchase a hair dryer, it is quite expensive and the quality is not good because it can be just for travel and the price is around 500-700PHP. *NOTE: A standard hair dryer has 220V.
  • When you arrive in Monol, you have a city tour. Riding a Jeepney is really exciting. The following day, you need to take the entrance exam for deciding your first term’s level.

  • The dormitory beds are really soft, you can sleep comfortably. That’s why it’s hard for me to get up every morning. By the way, Monol also provides a pillow and a blanket for every student. They also provide room services such as room cleaning and changing of beddings. Look! You can see our dormitory in this picture. There is a lot of stuff on the desks, so it’s messy. Please ignore.

  • Why did I choose Monol? I considered the English Only Policy (EOP) very important apart from the quality of teachers. Also, using English daily could make your conversation more enjoyable. If you break the EOP rule, you would be penalized and you should study on weekend. It is called Self-Study.

  • I did not only study ESL but also studied Business English and TOEIC. ESL focuses on daily life. Practice listening, reading, speaking, and writing. You won’t be afraid of staying in another country alone. It is kind of a way to improve your English skills. All the teachers are good and fun to be with, so you would not feel stressful in the man to man classes.

  • <Business English>You can learn how to present and how to make a report in Business English. You focus on writing a letter and making a presentation. All classes are man to man, so it can make you improve a lot. You will have a presentation every Friday and have Q&A time at the end of your presentation. It is a good challenge and training.

Studying Abroad Experience

  • <TOEIC COURSE> The important part of this course is how to answer the questions. There are different kinds of books and questions from TOEIC Part 1 to Part 7. It has man-to-man classes for 7 hours in a day and only focuses on your weakness. I think this class is really useful for students who want to get a high score in a short time.

Studying Abroad Experience

Studying Abroad Experience

In addition, here is a good night view near Monol. Although it is not the best in the world, looking at it can make you enjoy and relax. So, again, he is studying abroad experience

by Rita Chiu

Studying Abroad Experience