Opening opportunities for students to engage in high-quality interaction and practice skills during their most convenient time and in the comfort of their homes.

The best value for your money


To give you a comfortable learning environment, we expand and improve our facilities to create your home away from home.

Taking it easy at Monol


Having a clear and focused mind is the key to attaining fluency in a language. Through a variety of venues for recreation and leisure, students get to achieve a balanced learning experience, at the same time, become fit in the body and mind!

Studying and having fun with English


Enrich your student life and learning experience as you explore various tourist and leisure spots in the Philippines!

Student satisfaction guarantees


Committed to give full refund of tuition and accommodation fees to students who has not yet started the term. Further, Monol has launched its One-week Experimental Study Program to open more opportunities for students to seek the right academic environment.

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A Place to Live and Learn


Each course in MONOL has its own unique methodology, framework, and approach but is, all the same, geared towards English proficiency and global competence.


To support a well-balanced school life, MONOL ensures that the essential and basic services in the academy are sustained and further improved.


MONOL assures every student that in every lesson they learn and in every new place they explore, there are various ways of enjoying and appreciating the experience.

Why do some people fail to be fluent in English?

The Best Way to Learn English

There are a lot of ways to learn English. Some enroll in short-term courses locally, some go abroad, while some take classes online. These result in varying outcomes, depending on the type of student and their effort to study and practice.

Which of these trends prove to yield better results?


Students' Corner

I have been studying IELTS speaking and writing at Monol for over a month now and I can say that I enjoy it a lot. Although I have not been to the offline school of Monol, I can say that this school gave me a lot of new experiences throughout my IELTS practices.

Hi, guys! I’m Julia, a Vietnamese student. If you are wondering whether or not to register for the MONOL online program, my article below can be your reference.

My journey began when I studied at MONOL school located in Baguio. Because I cannot bear the heat (and am afraid of the cold), I chose Baguio, known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

On January 20, 2020, after a long journey, I finally arrived at the legendary English academy named MONOL. I knew of few other schools in Baguio, which I heard from other people. Some, I haven’t visited yet while others are not really to my liking.

If you consider the quality of teachers and curriculum, I think $180 for a 45-minute class is affordable. Also, taking classes from Monday to Friday in 4 weeks helps you have good learning habits. 

Julia, Vietnam

Monol Online Student

In terms of teaching quality, there is no difference between online and offline courses, but there is a big difference in price. I have tried other online classes in the past, but it was no good. This time with Monol, I don’t need to worry about teaching quality.

Minnie, Taiwan

Offline and Online student

The teaching quality is amazing, and their style of doing lessons is awesome; I believe that every staff is academically and personally well-trained.

Tom, Japan

Monol Online Student

After studying at Monol, I thought about how my English proficiency increased thanks to the one-on-one lessons and repetitive daily expressions. Little by little, I was able to speak in idioms and sentences rather than words.

Choon, Korea

Offline student

I feel that in this language environment, no matter what teaching method you choose, there will always be progress. Thank you, teachers, for teaching me seriously! I really felt your patience in teaching me.

Ada, China

Offline Student

MONOL’s IELTS course has a well-established educational system when it comes to the teachers’ teaching methods and textbooks. To everyone who wants to study in the Philippines, MONOL is one of the top candidates for learning!

Iyo, Japan

Offline Student

What's New

What has kept us busy apart from preparing for MONOL Online English school? We’ve reached the end of the first half of …

Teacher wearing headsets while looking at her monitor

There are three training stages that teachers need to pass before becoming qualified to teach for the MONOL ONLINE program.

There are many benefits of online classes; one of which is being able to learn from the comfort of your home. Although this is convenient, students may need to make some adjustments to focus on their lessons. Here are some tips on how to enjoy your MONOL ONLINE classes to the fullest.

MONOL ONLINE introduces innovative ways of learning English in the comfort of your home! Without compromising career and work schedules, students may …

Campus Facilities

By providing quality accommodations and services, students are assured of a convenient and comfortable stay during their study program and focus solely on their academics.

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Models of Nonpareil and Outstanding Learning Corp. (MONOL) stands as the premier provider of English education in Baguio City, Philippines. We have established our expertise by continuously developing streamlined programs and ensuring exceptional services for the optimal benefit of international students.

MONOL does not only advocate providing great learning for English proficiency but also helping the students develop their sense of individualities and social awareness.