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Orientation on Peace and Order

A new batch of students arrived at Monol on November 24, 2018, to experience the exemplary academic and student life in Baguio. As part of their orientation before going to their regular classes, the police visited the campus to discuss the laws that local and foreign residents need to follow.

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Police Inspector Anselmo Cacap led the orientation, tackling the crimes affecting peace and order of the community.

The order of the presentation

  1. Anti-Illegal Gambling 
  2. Dangerous Drugs Act
  3. Illegal possession of Firearms
  4. Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children
  5. Anti-Smoking, 6) Anti-Drunk Driving
  6. Alarms and Scandals
  7. Rape, and
  8. Direct Assault
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PCINSP Cacap emphasized that foreign students have become subjected to national Criminal Laws as they stepped on Philippine soil. This orientation is made to ensure that peace and order remain in Baguio City, which is known as the top six (6) safest cities among all cities in Southeast Asia.