The Reason I Chose Monol

There are many English schools in Baguio city. Why did I choose Monol? Here is my reason.

First, Monol does not only have a group of experienced teachers but also offers diversified courses. It also has lots of exercising equipment such as basketball court, gym, and yoga room, etc. You can relieve your stress through exercising when you feel tired.

Second, Monol adapts English Only Policy strictly; we have to speak English every time and everywhere. It is beneficial for students to improve their English ability quickly.

Lastly and most importantly, Monol is located on a mountain. When I surfed the web page of Monol for the first time, I was attracted to the beautiful sceneries. You can overlook the wonderful views of the mountain.

Each reason is important. Although I have been in Monol for less than one month, I am very fond of the environment, friendly teachers, and in international friends.

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