Reasons why I chose Monol

Hi, my name is Scarlett and I just arrived here in Monol. Baguio is a heaven for me when it comes to the weather, however, I feel a bit cold. Many people already mentioned about the life and merits and reasons for studying in Monol. This time, I will share about other matters such as some tips on living in Baguio. I hope these can help you release your worries after deciding to study in Monol, Philippines.


★ Reasons Why I chose MONOL

■ High reliability

I wanted to have a one-month English program while I’m on a long vacation from my work. I talked to my friends about my plan and one of them recommended Monol in Baguio. Two of her family members have experiences in Monol, which are reliable information to me even though I did not search about Monol yet.

■ Quick in effect for short term

I have a limited time to study English but I hope to maximize my study and practice my speaking skills. For these reasons, I need a spartan education system just like what Monol offers.

reasons 1

The photo above was taken during the speaking test on my first day in Monol. I studied English in Hawaii years ago. At that time, my level was checked one time by a short interview. But here in Monol, I went through a speaking test, grammar, writing, and listening. I felt that Monol is more systematic and better compared to my past experiences.


★ Worries after deciding to study in Monol

■ How cool Baguio weather is

I easily feel cold compared to others. After staying for one week in Baguio during the rainy season, I definitely need warm clothes. Actually, I regret not bringing enough warm clothes and instead brought some shorts. I heard it is freezing inside the pick-up bus, which made me nervous but I felt comfortable because of the humid and hot temperature in Manila.

Still, make sure to bring some warm clothes!

Do you feel the coolness of the weather from my photos?

I highly recommend you to bring warm clothes and add more layers! (Some people just wear shorts but it depends on how you feel about the weather.)

■ What curriculum is suitable for me

I am one of those students who follow a typical educational system. During my elementary and high school years, I studied grammar. During my university years, I studied TOEIC. (If you are Korean, you know what I mean.) Because of my past studying style, I felt the lectures in Monol are easy.

Monol’s team is smart in making a curriculum for students like me. You have different choices:

– If you like, you can have more group classes or one-on-one classes

– If you need it, you can study official exams or just take a regular course

You can choose the best curriculum if you have an idea about them.

reasons 5

One of the benefits of choosing Monol is that students can have free classes aside from regular classes. Students can also add more classes with an additional fee if they need.

In my case, I take the free TOEIC speaking class and I have an additional one-on-one class. Adding classes is the best choice for short-term study.


That’s all for now. I will share more information from time to time.

Thank you.

by Scarlett