Regular and Elective Classes

Monol offers a variety of courses. These are regular classes like General ESL, IELTS/IELTS Guarantee, Business English, Flight Attendant Training, and a customized course called LEAP. You can choose whatever you want that would suit your needs.

This month I changed my course to One-on-one ESL that has five class hours. Unfortunately, I couldn’t apply for the Intensive Speaking ESL course since it was just recently closed.

Regular Classes

The General ESL subjects are Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Pronunciation. There are two main levels: Foundational and Essential with two to three sub-levels. Each level has two phases: Book 1 and Book 2. Each book is good for 4 weeks. After completing the book, an exam will be conducted. You have to pass the exam so you can advance to the next level.


*I really liked my teachers during my first term, especially my Speaking Teacher, Jennilyn P. During our last class, we played English Scrabble together!

If you want to join Post ESL courses next term, you have to apply for the entrance test during the second week of the term and take the exam during the third week. Don’t forget to apply early and join the test! Otherwise, you will not have a schedule for the test at a convenient time. You will have to skip your regular classes so that you can take the test and when you are absent, you will get a Special Penalty. (If you have a Special Penalty, you have to apply for a weekend self-study to remove it so that you will be allowed to go out.)


Since I changed my course to five hours of one-on-one classes, I now have time to participate in the Night Class, Fitness Classes, and use the facilities of the school.

I mostly chose the Night Class since its schedule was in conflict with the fitness classes I wanted to attend. The fitness classes are for yoga, Pilates, and boxing. There is also a golf class. Even if you don’t have classes, you will never get bored in Monol. There’s a basketball court, billiards room, sauna, gym, and an audio-visual room. All these facilities are free of charge! In addition to reading books, don’t forget to be active!

Many students use the gym after classes. Therefore, the gym instructor is present at night. On the rooftop, you will find the billiards room. You can play other sports like badminton and futsal on the basketball court and you can also try golf!


The best Monol facility for me is the sauna. It uses an electric furnace to heat the room and release a variety of beneficial substances for the body. Sweating a lot can also remove various toxins in the body and promote better metabolism. This would greatly relieve the fatigue we get from studying hard.

by Rezia