LEAP review

In this essay, I will talk about the newest program in Monol called LEAP, launched in March. Actually, I am one of the first students of LEAP! Originally, I planned to study Business English during my last term but it was really good timing when Monol introduced the new program. The scope is exactly what I’m looking for so I applied for it immediately!


LEAP stands for “Learner-focused, Exclusive, Accelerated English Competency, Premium Program”.  It consists of five hours of one-on-one lessons plus an hour consultation. (I will elaborate the details of the consultation later. Lol) The feature of this program is to let students customize their curriculum. The students will also have mentors – one mentor per student.

Before attending my classes for the program, I met with my mentor first. Here, he checked my current English ability. He also asked questions like, “Under what circumstances would you like to use English?” “What do you want to learn by taking LEAP?” “What goals do you want to achieve?”

I also discussed how to organize my subjects in five hours with my mentor. He took note of all the information I shared during my interview so that he can decide what subjects I will take and choose the proper teacher as well.

Note: This program is for current students of Monol. This is not yet opened to new students. If you want, you can take the program after 2 or 4 weeks from your first term.


In LEAP, the mentors should meet the needs of each student as deeply as possible. If you’re a student who wants to improve your Speaking skill, you can request for a subject that is a combination of Speaking and Pronunciation. On the other hand, if you want to learn English in the field of Medicine, you can take a class in Medical English. Also, if you want to focus on TOEIC test measures, you can take Monol’s Listening and Reading course. In LEAP, you can choose classes that are already offered in Monol, mix them or request for a new subject from your mentor. This is really great!

Here are the subjects I’m taking now:

  1. Job Interview Preparation (1HR): Business English Pre-Employment Course
  2. Resume writing (1HR): Business English Pre-Employment Course
  3. IELTS Speaking (1HR): Regular IELTS Course
  4. Human Resources Development (2HRS): New subject

*Mock interview (Teachers from Business English all lined up in from of me to ask questions. I was so nervous because of the camera filming me. Lol)

I have found a company that I would like to transfer my job after studying abroad. The company is a foreign-affiliated enterprise, which focuses on investigating organizations, action analysis of personnel and providing advice. That’s why for the LEAP, I was eager to study HR.

Because my mentor, T. Elmer, majored in HR at Graduate School, he created a curriculum that not only covers HR but also emphasized the improvement of my English proficiency.

  • Read a legal case in English
  • Read the Labor Code of the Philippines, which is also used in Monol (English)
  • Browse overseas press program – Discussion
  • Interview the HR Department of Monol
  • Design HR education training

In addition to these, various activities were included. It is a curriculum that was made exclusively for me and I learned the way how T. Elmer actually studied in Graduate school.

I would definitely not experience this at other schools. It was a very interesting class for me.

*Case judgment on employee affairs. Difficult… lol T. Elmer made a curriculum that made me aware of various perspectives in HR and English learning.
* I also studied motivation theory as it is related to employee affairs. Actually, I’m studying the textbooks used in a local Graduate School and the sense of accomplishment is amazing.
*(From right to left) T. Elmer (Mentor) is my teacher for the HR subject, T. Brenda for IELTS Speaking, and T. Joener for Job Interview and CV/Resume

Monol chooses the best teachers to be mentors and teachers of LEAP students. Every time the lessons end for each teacher, we will summarize my progress, good points and improvements during the day on a piece of paper. After this, the mentor and I will have a one-hour consultation. Here, we assess my current learning based on the notes from my teachers and we also discuss the weaknesses that should be focused on tomorrow.

On Fridays, we review what was learned during the week and modify the contents or topics for the following week, if necessary. For example, if your teachers noted pronunciation mistakes during the first week, you can add pronunciation lessons for your classes next week.

*This is the form filled out by my teachers after every class.


Monol’s LEAP is the best! Before taking it, I realized my previous curriculum was not really suitable for me. It is really nice that I can choose my classes in LEAP. Being able to work positively in your classes with great interest has a big effect on how you absorb each lesson. The greatest merit of this program is the creation of new subjects to meet the student’s needs. The consultation time is also quite effective. While I know that it is important to check my learning progress every day, I cannot practice by myself very much. Because I have a mentor, I could do it properly every day and it was a great help in improving my English skills.

For those who wish to study in the Philippines and want to learn their own curriculum, there is no other school that can provide this option except Monol!