8 Weeks Post Review of my Stay in Monol.

Today, I will give you a review and explanation of the parts I felt as I lived in the Philippines language school for 8 weeks, and the free lessons I took in the Optional classes. 

There are three main reasons for recommending Monol to people around me. 

First, I thought it was better than other Philippine language schools in terms of training costs, education, and curriculum. I think that you will feel satisfied if you study in person (not online) and participate in various classes in the school. Also, there are three sets of nutritious meals, room cleaning system, laundry service, and in-house systems to enjoy various leisure activities.


The second is the place, Baguio City. Here, you can usually take a taxi and enjoy restaurants, shopping malls and movie theaters near the language school. 

Also, I think that it is a great advantage because it is a convenient place to live and because it is so cheap compared to other cities. And most of all, the biggest merit is it is more secure than other cities in the Philippines. 

The third is that the Director of the Monol Language Institute is Korean. In other words, the teachers from the Filipinos to the managers know Korean culture well especially the local teachers because they are enthusiastic and have positive aspects of our culture.

Other managers also actively come forward to solve the problem when a problem arises.


And since Koreans are few, the number of times they write Korean in a day is very small and the 
EOP system is located inside Monol, so you can get penalties if you are speaking in your native language.

Students also try to use English in everyday life and minimize speaking their native language.


Finally, I am currently on working holiday in Australia after finishing my language school in the Philippines. 

I think that I was able to get a lot of help and enjoy many benefits through free job interview classes at night. Teachers provide feedback and solutions to basic English interview questions and appropriate answers.

Also, if you personally create a cover letter, you can ask the teacher for feedback.

After the Q & A with the teacher, the cover letter should be ready and prepared.

We are also constantly practicing anticipated questions during the English interview portion

I get more confident as the days go by and I always have positive thoughts about how to manage my working holiday and I can do it! I can do it!


Monol language in the Philippines is for people who are thirsty for English conversation and for those who are preparing for their working holiday.