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Score Higher on TOEIC

I just took the official TOEIC test last January 20, 2018, here in Baguio City. In this essay, I will share my experiences as a student who got a high score.

I took the TOEIC course of Monol for one month and the result is splendid!

If you want a TOEIC score, it is more efficient to prepare for it by studying abroad in the Philippines rather than self-study in Japan. By learning thoroughly, it will be easy to get 800 or 900 points and face what the future will bring!

First of all, Baguio was recommended to me by my agent. I have studied in the Philippines before and this is my second time studying abroad. I studied in a different school before and I chose Monol because it has Sparta program.

In the TOEIC course, I have 7 hours of classes a day. I will be busy for the whole day because I also need to prepare for my classes, review, and self-study. Homework is not as much as Regular ESL or IELTS. So if you want to study more, I recommend that you bring with you a collection of review materials from Japan.

TOEIC starts with a lecture course and all students have to take this. However, I appealed to the head teacher that since I have experience in TOEIC, I can study the practice course already. It’s good that the teaching materials are also appropriate to all levels of students.

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As a student, I lived with English because of the EOP (English Only Policy). The Japanese manager carefully told me everything that I need to know so I did not have any particular troubles. I am also satisfied with the Wi-Fi connection because I can watch videos.

During the week, I can ask for the laundry service three times. However, since I have to wait two days before getting my clean clothes, I only use it twice a week. If you want to wash your own clothes, it is better to prepare for an extra laundry basket.

I had been in another school in the Philippines for about three months so I did not have any troubles communicating with my teacher. Since I targeted more than 800 points in the official TOEIC test, I studied 9 to 10 hours a day. There is a simulation test every Friday but the difficulty level is different every time. It became a good exercise that I was able to manage my test time. I studied quite a bit more because I only have a month. It was pretty hard but I think that even if you choose to study for a longer period, you can still follow my pace.

For those who want to concentrate and study, I recommend Baguio and choose the school that would best suit your needs.

*As of March 2018, Monol’s TOEIC course has changed to 5 hours 1:1