Semi-Single Room

Hello, I am Doki. Today, I’m going to introduce you to the semi-single room of MONOL.

When I first applied, I truly wanted to live in the new semi-single room. Unfortunately, there were no vacant rooms. That’s why I chose a double room instead. When I arrived in Monol, I immediately talked to my manager to reserve a slot for me after the construction is done (lol). My transfer got delayed a little bit but I’ve finally moved to my new room!

semi-single room 1

Just like the other room types, the toilet and shower room are separate. Two people can share the toilet and shower. Imagine the double room divided by a wall to create two rooms. My roommate lives next door. It is because of this setup that they call it “semi-single” room.

The room was much more than I expected, but I really liked the toilet and shower room. Since the room is new, everything is neat, clean and shiny.

My roommate and I share the same key for the main door. Of course, we each own our separate keys for our own rooms. Since I share the toilet and shower room, it’s best not to put valuable or sensitive items there.

Let’s talk about my room!

At first, when I saw the unfinished room during construction, I worried that it looked a bit narrow for me. However, when you’re actually inside, it’s spacious enough for one person!

In my room, a full-length mirror is mounted on the wall to the right. If you’re a woman, this is really great when you put on your makeup or clothes. The size of the closet is also much bigger than the other rooms so you can store your luggage and a lot of clothes inside. The room also has a dehumidifier and a refrigerator.

semi-single room 4

Since I’ve stayed in this room, all I can say is, this room is suitable for those who want to be comfortable and study alone. Compared to other academies, this room is also affordable! On the contrary, this is not recommended for those who want to have a foreign roommate. Since your roommate lives next door, it is almost impossible to be in touch with him.

If you don’t want to be stressed by living with other people, choose this room. They say that when you study abroad, your room is not important. But it is, for me. 

If you’re looking for comfort while studying abroad, choose Monol’s semi-single room!

by Doki