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Services of Monol

When a person studies abroad, he/she should consider the living environment, facilities, and services. A comfortable service and environment are necessary conditions for us to study easily. Today, I will introduce you to some general services of Monol.

Schools have free services to help you keep your valuables. For example, you have some US dollars or Philippine pesos that you don’t want to bring every day. Monol can help you to keep your cash. If you have a computer or a camera that you don’t use regularly, you can keep it in the school.

There is also a free service for laundry every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Before 13:00, you should send the clothes for washing to the laundry. The staff will count the number of your clothes with you. Then you will get a laundry card. After two days, the washed clothes are retrieved. The clothes you retrieve are clean and folded. It is advisable to collect a little more clothes before bringing them to the laundry. Because if you have more, your clothes will be washed separately. If you only have a few, then they will wash yours with other students’ clothes.

In addition, there are five washing machines on the rooftop of the school building for students to use freely, but you need to prepare your own detergent powder. The washing machine here is free to use 24 hours a day.

There is also free cleaning of dormitories and change of bed linen services. At 2:00 p.m. every Friday, you can go to the office to make a reservation for next week’s clean-up time. You need to request a time that has someone in the dorm room. If the staff comes, knock on the door and no one answers, they wouldn’t come in to clean up the room. If you gave up this week’s cleaning service, you can only apply the new reservation next week. The cleaning covers the bathroom and toilet, the carpet, the tables, and beds. Changing of bed sheets can be applied once every two weeks. It is not necessary for you to be there. As long as there is one person inside, they will change bed sheets, pillow cases, quilt cover, and blankets.

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From 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays, there is a nurse on duty in Room 308. If you are uncomfortable, you can consult and have a check-up. There is no wifi network on the classroom floor of the school. Others such as accommodation floors, cafeterias, and office floors have internet access 24 hours every day.

I’m totally satisfied with the facilities and services of Monol, which are all combined in one building. The management of everything is reasonable and convenient.

by Gordon