Six Months of English Study

I was attracted by the tuition and accommodation fee MONOL offers. That is one of the reasons why I chose MONOL. In addition, since I am a Yamaguchi university student and one of the professors at my university and MONOL have a connection, I got some information from him. In result, I spent six months at Monol.

For me, all classes and curriculum MONOL provides to students are good enough to focus on studying. However, some students complained that they cannot spare a sufficient amount of time to review on their own because of the extremely large quantity of homework. I would suggest that the amount of homework be based on students’ ability.

six months 3

I do not know what to say about teachers’ kindness. They are all awesome. Sometimes, they treated me as a student but sometimes treated me as a friend. Once they consider that I have a problem, they ask me, “Do you have any problem?” They have helped me out a lot.

Actually, I totally agree with the regulations here, but I have noticed that some people hesitated to give the penalty to students. It should be more severe, I guess.

six months 2

There’s that dormitory type that I have used ever awesome. I strongly recommend the room for 2 people to other students. I suppose the students who apply for that type are really serious about studying English. Moreover, residents can afford to live there and they do not need to worry about other people when it comes to the toilet.

Thanks to MONOL, I have improved my English ability, particularly in the field of speaking. I spent four months in ESL and two months in IELTS. The quality of classes and teachers satisfied me. I am pretty sure that I got the most significant improvements during the time I was in IELTS course. As for the time for study, I usually spend four to five hours on studying aside from class time. I am trying to put more emphasis on reviewing.

I really want students who will come to MONOL in the future to feel the same way as I did. So, I strongly recommend them to study basic parts of speech before they come here. That would be really helpful not only for students but also for teachers.