Skyrocketing my TOEIC score

Having a clear purpose for studying English is the first step you have to make before coming to the Philippines. For me, it is for skyrocketing my TOEIC score.

One of my friends just recommended me to go to Monol. Although agencies gave me some information about other schools, I preferred the semi-Sparta system (as you can go out on weekdays) and the high-speed internet connection in Monol.

Monol has a lot of diverse curriculum and courses that match whatever you need. Therefore, I would like to emphasize that it is important for all students to clarify their purpose on why they need to study English and what they want to do with English. For some, the target is to either get an IELTS or TOEIC score, while some are for improving speaking skills. Every student should set his/her own goal before studying here so that they can easily choose the ideal course and focus on what they need.

In my case, studying TOEIC will help me a lot for my business in Japan. I have studied the TOEIC course for 2 months and improved my comprehension of grammar gradually. TOEIC teachers are very diligent to monitor which part students feel difficulties with and take their time to make it clear until we get it. They encouraged me many times but the most effective motivation to keep on studying is if you get the incentives to your own hard work.

Since Monol rules are semi-Sparta, I did not feel any stress during my 4-month stay. You can live comfortably because the school is clean and well-secured. Though there was a bit of leaking inside the room when a big typhoon came, staffs prepared another room for us to transfer to quickly.

It is also obvious that Monol has the fastest Wi-Fi connection in Baguio. There are various sports facilities such as gym, golf driving range, yoga room, recreation room, and basketball court, which you can enjoy during your spare time. The laundry and room cleaning service are also available anytime so that you can have more time to do your self-study.

I have attended 7 hours man-to-man classes, the optional grammar class and had self-study for over 2 hours every day. I can say with confidence that my listening and reading skills have much improved.

I know that you may be worried or hesitant or full of negative thinking before coming here but as I mentioned, you can enjoy studying here if you have already set your own goal.

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by Bill