Did My Speaking Skills Improve?

Did my speaking skills improve?

Are you all healthy and well? 

Today, as I mentioned last time, I will try to show you how Monol teaches. After the level test, the class will be held officially the next day. 

But I will focus on the Regular speaking ESL course from now, and there may be differences from other courses.

 If you are interested in IELTS or other courses, please do not hesitate to skip this course.

 I will give you a guide. ^^


Perhaps the greatest concern for those new to Monol Language Institute is, “Will my English improve?” I am also worried about that so I came here with this idea. 

In conclusion, we have an educational environment and system that is always using the language of English, and we are creating an environment in which we must use English inevitably.

Of course, English proficiency is a subjective part, so it is a matter of individual consideration that there are individual differences according to people.

speaking-book-workbook table-of-contents-speaking-book

First of all, I will be introducing my subject today. 

Speaking is a group lesson consisting of about 3 to 4 students. It is a two-hour course, with a focus on English conversation. 

Speaking materials are divided into student’s book and workbook. 

Student books are mainly used in class, and workbooks are used for homework. 

Each chapter of the textbook is composed of topics that are often seen and interesting to us in our everyday lives.

For example, if the subject of Unit1 is about appearance, you can discuss with your classmates about your thoughts about appearance first, and then you can modify various expressions related to appearance.

Students learn about various words, and talk with group members on the basis of them.


As the group progresses, we are now creating an environment where we can use English naturally. 

First of all, I think that it is the greatest merit of this class that I can talk freely without feeling shame or competition because I work with friends of similar level .

 It’s true that there was a vague rejection of the group lesson at first, but now that I’ve heard all the lessons, it is worth it than a man-to-man lesson.

I am now excited about the group lessons. Oh yeah, It’s up. 

I now proceed with speaking English only. It seems to be clear that those who think that they cannot keep up with the class should not be worried because the class provides the same level as your classmates.

You should not be worried because you have the same level as your classmates and you will soon keep up.

I would like to clarify precisely that there is an old saying that the beginning is just half of the work, I think that if I came here to study a little bit about basic expressions, words and grammar, then I am already learning much more.