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Monol is motivated to provide high-quality services and English education to its students now more than ever. As a premium English academy with a smaller student population, Monol ensures to offer a better student experience than before. This rebranding also assures students that Monol provides the best quality of learning. By doing so, English teachers in Monol can focus more on the individual improvement of the student and provide an intensive, man-to-man quality learning experience. Also, students can now maximize their use of all the facilities that Monol provides. When we say ‘maximize’, imagine enjoying a spacious facility with fewer people to share it with!

The real question is: “What kind of students fit well with Monol? “Well, students from around the world can study in Monol. Monol is the school that makes perfect sense if you are looking for an English school where you can do remote work, study English, and have a vacation at the same time.                

We have divided this topic into two parts, and in this article, you will learn more about Monol’s academics and activities.

Productive learning is possible in Monol

Monol offers three different courses that students may choose from; these include General ESL, IELTS, and the LEAP Program. With these, students will have 5 sessions of man-to-man classes and 4 optional group classes. Students have a choice to maximize their time since only the 5 man-to-man classes are mandatory and it is optional to attend the 4 group classes. Students are free to make their plans in their free time. If it is your goal to study and challenge yourself more, it is recommended to join the group classes.

General ESL is a broad course that focuses on improving your overall English skills. General ESL is perfect if you want to carry out a decent daily conversation while using the necessary basic English language concepts. It does not also matter if students have zero, beginner, or advanced English knowledge. General ESL is for everyone. If you are looking forward to visiting an English-speaking country soon, Monol can prepare you by helping you practice your speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills.

Studying or working in an English-speaking country does not have to be intimidating. Students just have to find good English schools that can help them achieve their target band score. Monol’s IELTS program provides introductory and proper courses based on the requirements to excel in the test. Monol’s IELTS curriculum also enhances its test-taking techniques and strategies to ensure that the student’s language and communication skills are effective. If your goal is to study post-grad degrees abroad or simply find new work, then Monol is a top choice in Baguio City.

Take a “LEAP”

It might be your first time hearing about the LEAP program. In a nutshell, LEAP literally means “to take a swift jump”. This program allows students to choose their own subjects and advance faster. Because this allows them to choose subjects based on their own goals and needs, it is considered a more intensive program. Business English courses are also included in the subjects that students can choose from. This program is truly unique, and if you are in the corporate field, studying business English subjects can really be helpful for building relationships. If you plan to have a working holiday somewhere, this flexible course will allow you to enjoy your preparation and practice English effectively.

Fun learning is possible in Monol

Studying abroad is not a complete experience without having extra activities and exploring the beauty of the Philippines. Monol encourages its students and staff to live a healthy lifestyle; thus, the academy provides different facilities that can be used for recreation and relaxation. The school’s evening fitness classes are truly a premium benefit since students do not have to pay any extra fees to join them. We have gym, boxing, Muay Thai, yoga, and pilates classes from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM every Monday to Friday. Wellness is important, and it doesn’t matter where you are! Monol wants its students to be able to balance work, study, and life.

In addition to the fitness classes, who doesn’t want to go see the places beyond Baguio? Monol offers week-end trips around the Northern Philippines that allow its students to see the different adventure parks, historical places, and hot beaches. Weekend trips also allow students to have more local experiences and take a break from their work or studies. Moreover, a shuttle bus is also provided by Monol to ensure comfort during outside academic and leisure activities.


In the next article, we will discuss the rooms and premium services and facilities at Monol. If you are looking for a high quality and premium English learning experience while studying the English language, then surely Monol will provide it for you.

If you think that Monol is the right school for you, you can send us a message, and we will help you enter our English Academy. Monol aims to give the students the best learning and travel experiences. Monol can provide you with comfortable accommodations, a focused learning approach, and action-packed free days. Live and learn with Monol today!

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