Street foods 1

Street Foods in PH

My friends always asked me, “What kinds of food the Philippines have?” My answer is varied, but I fell in love with street foods.

I have stayed in the Philippines for almost 2 months. I remember my first time I went to SM for shopping. When I walked down the street with my classmates, suddenly, we smelled a good scent. That smell attracted us to look for it. We spent lots of time to arrive at the store. When we reached the store, we saw roasted chicken and meat. So, we bought some roasted meat. Then, we went on walking while we were eating.

I also remember a Filipino dessert. The taste seems my first love, but I do not know the cake’s name up to now. I found this cake by chance. That day, I was looking around to buy something for my classmate. My other classmates told me that it was a good dessert.

My dream is to eat delicious food around the world. As for the street foods in the Philippines, I have written a poem to remember these delicious foods.

Here is the Philippines among all the nice things
The smell of good taste in my memory
Every day the sunbeams through
We can find delicious food
The nice smell is always flowing
I like to find its way
I want to sing my song to express Philippines foods
All misgiving I will allay
Stay forever around my heart
Thank you for these nice foods that I tasted.

– Blue


Street foods 2