Student Dylan: My IELTS Journey

On January 20, 2020, I finally arrived at the legendary English academy named MONOL. I knew of few other schools in Baguio, which I heard from other people. Some, I haven’t visited yet while others are not really to my liking. When I met Monol’s Chinese manager, I settled my fees on the spot and started my learning journey in IELTS immediately. He is such a GOOD SALESMAN!

Introducing Monol’s IELTS Course

The tuition for the IELTS course is a bit expensive for most Chinese people. But if you consider the type of classes offered here, which is one-on-one, the price is worth it.

Before entering classes, it is very important to take the level test. The IELTS course has group classes (1:4) and one-on-one classes. There are seven (7) classes in a day, which cover the development of skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. These are all important to prepare for the official exam. You can also choose an elective subject that you consider your weakness. That said, taking one-on-one classes in IELTS Writing and IELTS Speaking helps a lot.

In addition to the regular classes, you can also take free optional classes like Grammar and IELTS Speaking. Grammar classes are classified into different levels. The teachers in Grammar classes are really good and flexible. They teach according to the students’ needs and focus on what is practical for learning. On the other hand, the IELTS Speaking teacher for the Night class not only has good pronunciation but is funny as well.

monol optional classes

The teaching quality is mainly controlled by the Head Teacher and Trainers. They monitor and help the teachers improve in all the subjects mainly in listening, speaking and reading. Even though there are one-on-one teachers who may not be suitable for you, by giving feedback to the head teacher and trainer, they can help you change to a better schedule.

Meanwhile, there are different dormitory types in Monol. These come with different prices, of course. There is a refrigerator in the room with a shower and toilet. Your roommate may also be from another country. My roommates are three friendly Japanese.

Baguio has a cool temperature all year round and is suitable for studying. There is no severe cold like in winter and it is also not too hot like in summer. Baguio is big when you look at it on the map. If you go to town by taxi, this will cost for less than 15 yuan. Another kind of public transportation is the JEEPNEY, which costs 1 yuan.

Every day I am learning in this Semi-Sparta and very refreshing environment. As I work hard, I feel like I’m reliving my school life.