3Rs system

To continuously instill practice among students, Monol encourages Self-Study, which is scheduled every weekday from 19:00-21:00.

Self-Study for students under the Sparta program is mandatory during weekdays. Meanwhile, those who are under the Self-Sparta program can freely manage their Self-Study hours.

Weekend Self-Study, on the other hand, is enforced to students as a penalty or disciplinary action for absences and other committed misconducts within the academy.

Monol believes that through MAXIMIZED LEARNING, students are able to comfortably use English inside and outside of classrooms. Maximized learning entails continuous exposure to and repetition of concepts during and after classes for better retention of lessons. That said, the academy imposes the 3Rs, which stand for “REVIEW, REWRITE and READ”, as part of the students’ regular Self-Study.


Naturally, the 3Rs do not only refer to lessons that were discussed in a day. For continuity, the 3Rs trace back to units discussed in previous classes and are encouraged every Self-Study period everyday of the week.