• One-week experimental study program

    Monol has launched its One-week Experimental Study Program to open opportunities for students to seek the right academic environment. Here, the academy will give you one week to experience the courses and services of Monol for free. If during this week the academy fails to satisfy your needs, we will never hold you back to explore other academies. Regardless of the reasons for your dissatisfaction, we will refund your tuition and accommodation fees in full, excluding the $100 registration fee, SSP fee, pick-up fee, and the money transfer fees.

  • Easy fees payment scheme

    Most language schools require students to pay all fees at one time. However, it is a fact that not all students are capable of settling fees this way. As a consideration to those who have financial constraints, Monol offers an easy payment scheme, which allows students to pay for their tuition and other fees every term.

  • 100% refund

    During any student's study program, unprecedented circumstances may occur that would leave no choice for him/her but cancel. Most of the time, another problem arises because of the inability of academies to give refunds in full. To avoid giving this burden to the students, Monol is committed to returning 100% of the students’ tuition and accommodation fees except for the registration fee of $100, SSP fee, pick-up fee, and money transfer fees. (Conditions apply.)


Models of Nonpareil and Outstanding Learning Corp. (MONOL) stands as the premier provider of English education in Baguio City, Philippines. We have established our expertise by continuously developing streamlined programs and ensuring exceptional services for the optimal benefit of international students.

MONOL does not only advocate providing great learning for English proficiency but also helping the students develop their sense of individualities and social awareness.