Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad

The key is “work life balance” and “cost performance”


I am David (of course, it’s my English name used in MONOL).

From now, I would be a reporter that tells life from Baguio. I would also be sharing details and attractiveness of MONOL’s class from a student’s point of view.

In this article, I will introduce the following four points.

Reason for deciding to study abroad in the Philippines 
Reason for choosing “Baguio” as a destination to study in Philippines 
School selection 


This is my profile.

Gender: Male 
Age: 24 years old 
Biography: University Graduation → General Corporate Employment → Study in the Philippines After Retirement 
Hobby: Travel / Photography 
Past Experience Overseas: Participated in University Language Training Program (1 month) 
Philippine study period: 3 months (2017 December – Current) 
Course Schedule: Intensive Speaking course (1 month) + Business English (2 months) 
Room Type: 3 + 1 room (Shared Room of three people + 1 teacher)


① Reason why I decided to study abroad in the Philippines

 The biggest reason why I decided to study abroad in the Philippines is 
“I want to improve my communication skills in English.”

My TOEIC scores was 880 points thanks to the fact that I studied English for College Entrance Examinations and thanks to the one-month language training program I participated in by university students.

Even in a company I that used to work before, I was told that “I should prepare for English-affiliated companies”.

Actually, I could hardly make use of my English Communication skills, “I only maximized my English communication skills for me to get my TOEIC score” (laugh)

 My hobby is traveling. As a college student until now, I always found time and went abroad.

I know I have minimal English conversation skills that I could not afford to travel abroad and talk deeply with local people and tourists that I would encounter on my journey.  Even when I was spoken to by the hostel attendant, there were scenes where I had to do a bitter smile.

There were many (lol).

I felt frustrated during such situations.

 So, I decided to study abroad in the Philippines after I quit my job and when I have nothing to do to make use of the current situation with plenty of time and savings.

 The decisive factor on why I decided to study abroad in the Philippines is its “cost” (laugh)

 From my experiences of language training, I felt unsatisfied for a month’s worth of lessons to acquire English conversation skills.

So I set my training period to 3 months.

 In that period, expenses for studying abroad in Europe and the United States will be expensive.

The Philippines is overwhelmingly cheaper when you consider the tuition as well as the local living expenses. (Daily necessities are about 1/3 of Japan!)

② Reason for choosing “Baguio” as a destination to study in the Philippines

Speaking of studying in the Philippines, choosing between “Cebu” or “Baguio” is a big headache.

The deciding factor here is the work life balance … (haha)

Even when you are studying abroad, if you want to enjoy the fantastic resorts and enjoy the holiday then studying in Cebu is more suitable.

Baguio, on the other hand, has a temperature as low as 8 degrees Celsius compared to other regions, and it is cool and easy to spend throughout the year.

Since the temptation of the surroundings is also less than Cebu (either good or bad things … lol), the optimum environment for English learning is complete in Baguio. (There are places to go if you want to go.)

For me, when I will go to study in the Philippines to learn English, I decided to study in a “Baguio Study” environment with a desire to concentrate on my study firmly.

 In fact, Baguio has a remarkably good climate, like “fall” in Japan (around 20 ° C), you can study in a cool environment without using an air conditioner.

 Many students choose Baguio for the same reason as me.

In other words, I am motivated to learn English due to the surroundings, and I personally feel it is a good environment for studying.


 ▲ The streets of Baguio as seen from school.

(The school is located in a residential area 15 minutes by car from the city center, so there is a police station in front of the school, so it is safe.)

It’s dry season from October to May so it rains hardly and it is comfortable.

③ School selection

There are two reasons why I chose MONOL aside from the other English schools in Baguio.

The first point is the cost.

MONOL has a rich facility (curriculum), a buffet style meal, a sauna, a gym and a table tennis table. They are all available for free!

The point is that all these can be enjoyed only by cheap tuition is very attractive compared to other schools.

toeic-books students-eating-buffet-meal

table-tennis-facility-players-playing gym-facility-equipment

▲ Actually, I also use the gym more than once a week, I am able to relieve good stress between studies. (lol)

I have always thought about focusing on studying, but it is important for a long study abroad to learn how to relieve stress.

Why MONOL’s tuition fee is cheap, it seems that it is owned by a school building rather than renting it, “I am not cheap at quality,” so I chose with confidence.

The second point is because there is a different room offered which is a “3 + 1 room”.

 The 3 + 1 room is a room where three students and one teacher live together.

The teacher can help you correct mistakes in pronunciation and grammar from usual conversation.

You will have casual discussion in the room. (It’s not a hard thing to do.)

You will have an environment where you can use English in your daily life.

I will introduce the details of my 3 + 1 room life at a later date.


▲ The next day when I entered, my Filipino teacher and my roommate (Taiwanese / Korean) welcomed me with a party.

 From the above two points, I chose MONOL from a number of Philippine schools.

 ④ Conclusion

I decided to study abroad in the Philippines with MONOL and I think that I was able to make the right decision at the present moment.

Baguio’s living environment is very good in terms of temperature and climate.

We fully enjoy MONOL’s extensive school facilities such as meals, gym and table tennis equipment’s.

In the life in the 3 + 1 room, English learning is done firmly with an English teacher and we have room discussion with the teacher every day.

If you are having a hard time studying abroad, come to the Philippines now, please do! I recommend Baguio MONOL as a great place to study abroad!