Studying in Baguio is Fun

Studying in Baguio is Fun
Philippine Study Abroad!

Hello, this is reporter IYO!

Two weeks have passed in my stay in Baguio and the facilities and rules of MONOL came to be no problem.

Even so, learning English is still challenging….

I am doing very well in my English listening and speaking skills.

After all, no matter what you are learning, you have to accumulate a certain amount of effort on a daily basis. I would like to try hard while enjoying this retreat.

By the way, what kind of daily life are the students of MONOL’s IELTS course experiencing?

* If you would like to enroll in the IELTS course, please refer to the link.


Weekday (Monday – Friday)

① wake-up ~ breakfast ~ class starts (6: 00 ~ 8: 00)

My morning starts at 6:00.

I have been waking up early in the morning since I was in Japan so there is no problem getting up this early.

But I am sorry that I always wake up to the room teacher with an alarm clock (lol)

I have a goal that I give priority at this time.

It is preparation and review of the lesson. (Especially review)

Even when I was a student, after receiving a medical lecture, I have tried to always review and not miss it.

From my learning experience, those who reviewed immediately after classes are can easily remember in memory.

Right now I am constantly reviewing in the morning and at night.

 My review method

  • Reading

Study the meaning of new words in sentences dealt during the class. Take the syntax.

Repeat reading and practice pronunciation, and make sample sentences yourself.

(There are times when you cannot do it during the day because of too much homework)

  • Listening

Because I cannot get the sound file until the end of one semester It is still pending (laugh)

  • Speaking

I am focusing not only on review but also for preparation of my class.

  • Writing Task 1, Task 2

Corrections are received for incorrect answers in the textbook. You can read in and recheck the idioms, words and writing style.

 As far as anything that was said, nothing goes to waste! Let’s treasure this experience as well!


▲ There is also a free morning class (6: 30-7: 00). 
In this optional class, you can learn grammar and idioms of English, and you can make use of this knowledge for regular classes as well.

I have not taken these classes, but many students are actively taking these lectures.

② Normal class 4 hours ~ lunch ~ regular lesson 4 hours (8: 00 ~ 17: 00)

8: 00 ~ 8: 50 Speaking ( one-to-one tuition: up easy Practice) 
9: 00 ~ 9: 50 Writing Task1 (one-to-one tuition: up easy Practice) 
10: 00 ~ 10: 50 Writing Task1 (Group lesson: Lecture) 
11: 00 ~ 11: 50 Listening (group lesson: Lecture) 
12:00 to 13:00 Lunch 
13: 00 ~ 13: 50 Writing Task2 ( one-to-one tuition: up easy Practice) 
14: 00 ~ 14: 50 Writing Task2 (group lesson: Lecture) 
15: 00 ~ 15: 50 Reading (group lesson: lecture) 
16: 00 ~ 16: 50 Speaking (group lesson: lecture)

※ Every Friday, There is a trial exam in the morning and a discussion in the afternoon.

It is my schedule for the first month. MONOL’s IELTS course,

You can arrange one to one lessons every month.

You can make changes to your schedule while consulting with your teacher.

It is a wonderful system that can help you overcome your weaknesses every month!


▲ That is my classmate! We have a nice friendship now 😊 (In any country, camera applications used by girls can be processed. (laugh))

③ After school ~ dinner ~ sleep time (17: 00 ~ 24: 00)

  • Dinner (18: 00-19: 00)
  • Work out at the gym
  • 3 + 1 room unique room discussion (introduced in the next report)
  • Review of my classes.gym-equipments
  • ▲ Free time at school gym (6: 00 ~ 24: 00) 
    There are various authentic gym equipment’s that many students use and a wonderful Filipino trainer is helping you in the gym. 
    I am sweating day by day because I want to train and the trainer helps me very well.
  • You have free time after classes.
  • There are people who participate in night classes and sports classes (free option classes).
  • There are people who rest their bodies in preparation for classes the next day,
  • People who go out … and so on.
  • Free Option Class List
  • ◆ Grammar class (17: 00 ~ 18: 00)
  • ⇒ Level by level of 6 steps. These are for people who are concerned about their grammar. Those who want to review their knowledge can join us!
  • ◆ Night Class (19: 00 ~ 21: 00) 
    TOEIC Speaking · IELTS Speaking · Job Hunting Interview Preparation · Select from Working Holiday Measures
  • ◆ Sports class (17: 00 ~ 22: 1 hour out of 00) 
    ⇒ Boxing, Golf, Muay ThaiResurin Gu yoga, Pilates – Jiu
  • You can participate in these optional classes by enrolling at the office.
  • However! The optional classes are part of the lessons. If you are absent you will receive a penalty (Obligation self-study).
  • We should take advantage of the optional classes.

·         Others

·         ④ Meals

  • All meals are served from Monday to Sunday.
  • If you are in other schools, you buy your weekends’ meals on your own, you have to take the trouble to go out over again.
  • It is nice for me to eat three meals a day in
  • ▲ Example of meal
  • Basically salad bar · main · soup · carbohydrates (rice and bread etc.) are prepared every meal, and nutrition management can be done firmly.

·         ⑤ Washing

  • MONOL’s laundry specialist will do the washing.
  • You can deposit the washing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and receive it after 2 days.
  • It is a pleasing point that I also use frequently, and I can come back to my laundry all prepared properly.laundry-person

⑥ Cleaning of rooms · Bed sheets exchange

You can use it any time you make a reservation.

(There are only two people in my room, so I have not requested it even once (laugh)).

The housekeeping staff will clean up your room after setting up an observer / surveillance camera, there is little risk that personal property will disappear.


The schedule here in MONOL is great for me!

The education system is good, the teaching methods of teachers are effective · text etc. is established firmly in the IELTS course of MONOL.

That is why I believe that you can increase your grades as much as you like, depending on your efforts. (haha)

There are lots of difficulties in terms of learning English, but it is the real experience of studying abroad in Baguio that you can appreciate and value your holidays.

Extra edition: Weekend (Saturday, Sunday)

Saturdays and Sundays are the rest days!

People who work hard on their weekdays feel the happiness and excitement of the weekends. I will briefly introduce to you what kind of holidays are in MONOL.

① Holiday in Baguio

I cannot compare Baguio to other cities because I have never been to Cebu or Manila, but Baguio certainly has few places to unwind (laugh)

There are large shopping malls such as SM Mall and Night Market, but karaoke and bowling are not everywhere like urban areas.

However, as everyone lives in the same dormitory, friends are always around.

If you go to the dining room at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are no lonely holidays because there is always someone to talk with.


▲ You can also order pizza by phone! It is good to be able to eat food ordered outside while staying in the school dormitory.


▲ Baguio specialty · Participate in the night market.

There is a large shopping center called SM Mall near MONOL and we go shopping on weekends.

Since most things are here, I think that there is no need to bring much daily necessities from Japan.

By the way, because I tried to bring heavy items such as shampoo and soap from Japan, it was immediately taken at Narita airport with a 6000 yen penalty because of weight overload (lol)

Prices in the Philippines are surprisingly cheap, so if you have 6000 yen you can buy various things.

▼ SM Mall has many restaurants, so it has become a favorite for MONOL students.


② School trip

I have not been to one yet, but MONOL has a “school trip” that you can travel cheaply during weekends.

Many students are interested and there are many participants!

These are for people who can afford to study and want to do sightseeing in the Philippines, please join us!



▲ World heritage site called Vigan. My friends took me.

Everyone who wants to study in the Philippines, MONOL is one of the top candidates for learning!

Thank you for reading and wait for my next report as well.