Studying in Monol for the Second Time

It’s reporter Takumi! I left university and went to study abroad in the Philippines. In fact, this is already my second time enrolling in Monol academy.

My decision to study abroad again is because of my past experience here in the Philippines. My time learning English here was very satisfactory.

I came to Monol for the first time in February 2016. In my University, my major was ‘development assistance for developing countries’. I became very frustrated when we had an academic-related overseas trip because I could not communicate or say anything in English. Soon after that experience, I spent a month and a half studying English in Baguio, Philippines.

At that time, I was reluctant but the goal was to be better in the short amount of time I had in Monol. I chose an ESL course specializing in speaking. In this program, there were fewer classes as compared to regular ESL but I did my best. I attended as many classes as possible even registering myself for the free morning and night classes. One of the good points of Monol is the many free and optional classes they offer. So with that, I graduated after a month and a half.

When I returned to my University, we once again had a trip to foreign places. This time, I was able to speak English and communicate with more than 60 people.  This was definitely the rewarding result of studying in the Philippines and learning English in Monol.

Benefits of Studying in Monol

Actually, I came to the Philippines to learn and understand English. But, in Monol, there is so much to gain aside from English skills.

A valuable “Cultural Exchange” is what encouraged me to study in the Philippines for a second time. Monol has a variety of students from different countries like China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia. Once you get to know them better, you’ll discover their culture naturally.

Moreover, Filipino teachers are really friendly and are supportive of their students. My teacher and I got along very well and we kept in touch even after I went home to my country. It was nice to hear “Come back to Monol” from my teacher.

Why I Came Back For a Second Time

I would like to give a little background and explain why I decided to study in the Philippines for the second time.  I have an opportunity to visit many companies and organizations in Southeast Asia in two years plus three years of university. Having felt the significance and presence of private companies, doing business in developing countries seems like a good idea in the future.

However, towards the end of my three years in university, I realized that I have invested my studies in the political and economic state of developing countries. I could not continue my plans and go job hunting as I had no knowledge or experience in the field of business.

Because of that circumstance, I decided to make up for my lack of knowledge and experience within a year. I worked for 8 months at a private consulting company and decided to spend my remaining period in Monol studying English.

It is very difficult to speak English fluently in just one and a half months especially since I started out not knowing any English at all. It really depends on the starting level of the English language as well as your commitment to study hard.

When I studied in Monol last time, I was able to achieve my original purpose. I became accustomed to English and was able to improve my speaking. But, I still find some difficulty when communicating with a native English speaker. I felt that I could not do my job properly abroad.

Many university students engage in language studies during their long holidays. Although this opportunity is helpful, it is short because they can only study abroad for two months at the longest. This is why I particularly want to suggest studying more than once in the Philippines!

Taking the IELTS Course

If you really want to use English at work, please consider studying abroad twice. The first time I studied in the Philippines, I wasn’t that good in English. On my second time, I polished my English skills to something I could really use.

In my opinion, I think it would be easier to monitor my progress in numbers so I took the IELTS course at Monol. It will be helpful as well since I am thinking of going to a graduate school overseas. Part of that process is taking the IELTS, a comprehensive exam that tests a person’s reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills in English. Even in Baguio, you can take the IELTS and TOEIC exams.

For me, studying abroad in the Philippines was something necessary to help me in the future. If you’re planning to attend an English university, it’s efficient to solidify your Basic English skills in the Philippines before studying in the West.