3+1 Movie Night Activity

All students and teachers from 3+1 rooms gather together for a fun night at a local shopping mall (SM Baguio). They were set to watch the new American superhero film ‘Captain Marvel’. The film won’t have any subtitles so for the students, it’s great practice for listening!

Christmas: A Glimpse of Summer

Monol came up with the theme of Havana for the yuletide season, tagging it as ‘A Glimpse of Summer in December’. This is for the Christmas party of its employees and it’s packed with many surprises like games, prizes, food, ale, fun, and camaraderies!

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Culture & Mutual Love

I experienced a lot in Monol and I know that I have improved a lot – not only my English skills but also on how to make friends with people from different countries and cultures.

The Great Karaoke Showdown

December 21 – A small Christmas celebration for students takes place in the form of a sing-off! Students battle with their voices through the karaoke, which is a favorite hobby and a prevalent culture of Filipinos. There are also mini-games for non-contestants that come with good food and sur-prizes!

Imagination & Creativity Day

Monol went for a visit to RSCC-CAR to bring a day of fun and share the love. This is an activity that nurtures the foreign students to be compassionate and become champions of humanity. It’s the learning that goes beyond the classroom and the knowledge they get is universal.

Dormitories of Monol

Today, I will talk about Monol’s dormitories. For many reasons I changed my dormitory twice already that is why I have much information to tell you guys.

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Reasons why I chose Monol

Many people already mentioned about the life and merits and reasons for studying in Monol. This time, I will share about other matters such as some tips on living in Baguio. I hope these can help you release your worries after deciding to study in Monol, Philippines.

Teachers of Mine

In the blink of an eye, I’ve reached my final week here in Monol. The time for studying is always very fast. Every minute and every second here is meaningful because I’m always learning even during exercise. I have six teachers. I have two teachers for my one-on-one classes, three for group classes, and one …

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