Take charge of your learning and excel faster with Monol’s LEAP Program

More than two years have passed and it has been since that you contemplate about studying the English language in the Philippines because of Covid-19. Today, with the ease of travel restrictions, maybe it’s time for you to think about going abroad for studying English once again.

Now, we are in the ‘new normal’ or the post pandemic era. Undeniably, the pandemic has affected a lot of Language schools in the Philippines. With this, MONOL has made many changes to accommodate the safety and needs of English learners due to the pandemic. Do you know what this means? You can start planning going abroad without worrying much about anything. Make the best decision today by enhancing your English skills with Monol’s LEAP Program!

What is Monol’s LEAP Program?

Most students are okay with traditional curriculums like General ESL and IELTS but there are also some students who would like to take charge of their English learning journey. If you are one of those ‘some students’, you don’t have to look for a language school elsewhere. Fortunately, Monol has a customized/specialized LEAP program that can help you improve your skills faster than anyone else. Monol’s LEAP Program enables students to focus on their learning through individually customized curriculum and mentoring services. Monol also provides full support to students to efficiently achieve their goals.

Monol’s LEAP program allows teachers and students to go through in-depth interviews to determine their desired field, subjects, purposes, and goals before the start of their programs. After the interviews, students can now choose their own classes. In a nutshell, students can choose their desired subjects in Monol’s curriculum. For example, if a student wants to focus on improving his speaking skills, the student may want to choose ESL speaking, IELTS speaking, and Job Interview classes.

Moreover, Monol’s LEAP teachers or mentors are responsible for supporting students in finding solutions when there are problems. This means that Monol’s teachers are approachable supporters rather than expressing a rigid, vertical relationship between them and the students.

Enroll now and feel a wholesome English learning experience!

To sum everything up, Monol always think about more effective learning methods to cater to the new trends that students are caught up in. Monol also wants to ensure that learning-efficiency and student learning satisfaction is achieved. LEAP Program is all about helping students to achieve their goals with specialized courses and reach their full potential.

Enroll now on MONOL’s LEAP Program where you can take charge of your learning and excel faster!

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