Teacher Ruth’s Journey in Monol

Last August 02, 2019, Monol paid tribute to teacher Ruth and her 12 years of teaching in the academy. The retirement party titled ‘A Journey to a Beautiful Career in ESL Teaching’ looked back on the many memories she has made in the Monol.

Teacher Ruth was an IELTS and Post ESL teacher in Monol. She shares a strong bond with her colleagues and has many friends. Through the years, people started calling her the name ‘Mother or Mommy Ruth’ because of her caring and motherly vibe.

Remembering Good Times

The night was full of smiles, laughter, nostalgia, and even some tears because of the personal messages dedicated to the lovely teacher Ruth. Her closest friends and colleagues made mention of her fun personality and fashion sense as well as how thankful they were to have met someone like her. Many also mentioned her pieces of advice that helped them not only along the path of being a teacher but also in life.

Of course, the heartfelt messages were also tinted with sadness as Monol’s Mother Ruth would not be around the academy and classrooms anymore. But, above all, everyone was thankful for all the things she has done.

Appreciating Teacher Ruth’s Dedication

Her passion, dedication, kindness, influence, personality, and irreplaceable presence as a teacher and friend will stay with everyone she’s met. In closing, many wished her a wonderful retirement and good luck to whatever comes her way in the future. With her retirement comes many other open doors and opportunities. Plus, she can spend more time with her family and grandchildren.

Naturally, not everyone could step up to the mic to express their appreciation for teacher Ruth. Instead, these people took to writing their feelings and messages on paper bookmarks for her to collect.  From there, it was all about appreciating everything about one of the best teachers Monol has ever had.

After watching a video presentation, singing songs, and eating some finger food, the party was nearing its end. Finally, she was awarded with Monol’s plaque of recognition for her loyal and dedicated service as an ESL teacher. Truly, teacher Ruth has made a difference in the lives of not only her students but also her Monol family.