Teacher Team Building: Facing Future Challenges Together

Building camaraderie and knowing how to work together are two important things in the workplace. To build that healthy environment for Monol teachers, team building activities were facilitated by the Human Resource (HR) Department.

The team building took place on two separate days, August 05 and 15, 2019 at the academy’s yoga room. In the form of team games, the teachers had the opportunity to get closer to one another. The team building is geared towards the idea of ‘Facing Future Challenges Together’. The concept aims to promote unity among the teachers.

Team building: Unity and Teamwork

For August 05, the team building was held in the morning and the teachers were divided into groups. Slowly, they started becoming closer to each other as they introduced themselves and shared facts about their lives. Once the introductory phase was over, it was time to see how well they communicate and work towards a common goal.

The first two games lined up were a blanket game and a guess who game. The last game was a race against the opposing team to get a ping pong ball in the basket. This was to be done using only the materials they were given which were thin sticks. Aside from the team player activities, the teachers also enjoyed eating snacks together as they took a break in between games.

On August 19, the team building continued with another round of games. This time, it was a fun match of charades, paper ball basket toss and bottle cap flipping. As odd as these activities may sound, they were effective in turning acquaintances to friends, building trust among the teachers, and of course, creating fun memories.

All in all, the teachers worked together in strategizing and helping each other achieve a successful output throughout the whole team building. With this activity, the academy promotes not only friendship but also the strength of team effort when facing challenges.