Teachers of Mine

In the blink of an eye, I’ve reached my final week here in Monol. The time for studying is always very fast. Every minute and every second here is meaningful because I’m always learning even during exercise. I have six teachers. I have two teachers for my one-on-one classes, three for group classes, and one for my elective class.

My teacher in my Listening class is a very gentle person. Her name is Eldana and she is Filipino. I often can’t listen very well and but she is very patient, especially when it comes to spelling. It doesn’t matter how many times I get the words wrong, she will teach me how to spell properly, one letter after the other. Eldana teaches one unit for two hours that is why we have a lot of time to chat. Usually, it takes a long time for me to finish the class activity or express myself, but Eldana patiently waits for me. Even if my grammar or pronunciation is wrong, she knows what I am talking about and corrects me. Eldana is my teacher and friend.

teachers 1
Listening Class with T. Eldana

My Speaking teacher is a very lively person and smiles every day. Her name is Christy and she often asks us to give examples in class. Sometimes we also go out of the class to interview other people. The most impressive activity for me is when I pretend to be a customer and Christy plays the waiter. I usually have half an hour to talk that is why I’m always looking forward to the Speaking class. Fortunately, I have a good teacher.

teachers 2
Speaking Class with T. Christy

Meanwhile, my Reading teacher’s name is Martin. He is a very interesting person and very humorous. The lessons are explained one sentence at a time and he gives various examples. He is very expressive and writes on the board all the time. This way, it is easier for me to understand him and the lesson. I have to say that Martin is the best among all the teachers. He also shares jokes with me. Whenever he tells a joke and I cannot get it, he laughs at me. Despite this, he is very pleasant and fun to be with. Most of all, he is absolutely professional.

teachers 3
Reading Class with T. Martin

My Writing teacher’s name is Alexis. He is a very funny person and very animated. His expressions are much exaggerated. Even though it is a writing class, he usually asks us to read what we wrote. He often laughs at what we wrote but afterward, he becomes serious to point out our mistakes, help us correct it and then, asks us to rewrite. Every time I go to this class, Alexis makes me laugh.

In my Pronunciation class, there are only three students. My teacher’s name is Kayle, who has very beautiful eyes and a good shape. I have fun during our class and the atmosphere is really good. She lets us read one by one again and again. She is very strict but the class is always pleasant. Kayle does not always treat us as students. She is like a friend who wants to share her knowledge with us. We would also go out during the weekend and she would introduce us to Filipino culture, which is a great way for me to practice speaking.

teachers 4
Pronunciation Class with T. Kayle

Lastly, my elective is Grammar, which is a group class. My teacher’s name is Rex. He is also a humorous person. But I am afraid of this class. He often chooses students to answer questions. Even though the students make mistakes, he is a diligent and patient teacher. Rex is also an IELTS teacher.

teachers 5
Grammar Class with T. Rex

I feel lucky to meet these teachers in Monol. They are all very professional and patient. Thank you for helping me on this journey.