Teachers participate in Skills Enhancement Activity

Teachers are influential figures in a student’s life. They not only help students learn their chosen craft but also become a friend in the process. Coincidentally lining up with the Philippine’s National Teacher’s Month this September, the teachers of Monol are attending fulfilling activities such as team buildings and skills enhancement training.

Held last September 02, 2019, the academy’s teaching department facilitated the skills enhancement training for teachers. From two o’clock to four o’clock in the afternoon, sets of English activities were prepared to strengthen their skills as ESL teachers.

The Yoga room became the make-shift classroom for the training session and the mirrors were the substitute whiteboards. Their activities centered on pronunciation and grammar lessons.

While working in teams, the teachers got to practice and boost their English skills. They shared their ideas with their teammates and helped one another achieve correct answers. The teaching department gave a few pointers here and there for further clarification on the topic.

As these skills enhancement activities continue, the teachers of Monol academy are further improving their abilities and expanding their capabilities as educators. True enough, learning is a never-ending process—even for teachers.

Skills enhancement