What I loved about Monol’s teachers and classes

@MONOL teachers

Many students are worried about the Filipino accent; this problem has not happened in MONOL. MONOL’s teachers have standard American accents, and sometimes they also can have a British accent. Especially, the IELTS head teacher has a very standard American accent. His voice sounds perfect. In addition, the IELTS head teacher is a very kind and friendly person because I often bother him and he is always passionate about giving his advice and help to me.

I am lucky to meet many good teachers in MONOL. MONOL has many professional teachers in their IELTS course such as T. Abraham, T. Joanne, T. Jocelyn, T. Collin, and others. They can teach students clearly and give them more ideas and help. Especially, they always help me and give me more confidence when I learn IELTS; however, T. Collin is the best teacher in my mind because his teaching method is very suitable for me.

When I study in MONOL in the second term, I met my favorite teacher– T. Collin. He always treats me strictly and requires me not to make the same mistakes next time. I feel more pressure from him, but I enjoy it because it is really clear that my score improved after he taught me. Furthermore, some teachers also praise me that my writing essay is improving; it lets me feel a sense of achievement and increases my love to study English gradually. T. Collin teaches me reading, writing, and speaking. Except for writing, he also helps me to like reading and have more passion to read many articles and speak to other people. Also, he is not only encouraging me in my English studies, but also giving me more confidence to face other things. I feel really lucky I met him in MONOL and appreciate him very much.

@MONOL Special class

MONOL has three kinds of night courses which are Job Interview, TOEIC Speaking, and IELTS Speaking. All of them are free and students only need to apply for the courses during the previous week.
I chose IELTS Speaking, and the teacher teaches us one part for one week. The teacher also provides some games about how to describe the words and how to answer the questions. We enjoy this atmosphere and it is useful for students to answer IELTS Speaking questions in the official test.