The Brrrr in September

The recent drop in temperature has been felt by our students. This is what locals of Baguio call the “ber” season.

One of the most awaited seasons in Baguio is this feeling of cold breeze and foggy sights. Most netizens call this time of the year as “cuddle weather,” whether by cozy-ing up by yourself with a warm blanket or cuddling up with your loved ones. Whichever a person may choose, it is a great time to find warmth amidst the cold.

The view from Monol’s very own roof deck~

The temperature in Baguio ranges from 20 degrees and was at its lowest when it hit 16 degrees, but that is only until September. Meaning the temperature our students can experience can become colder.

Different from the other places in the Philippines. Monol is situated in a city where the tropical heat does not typically exist. Which makes it even better to choose Monol when you are looking for a place to study English.

Prepare your blankets, sweaters, and bonnets when you come to live and learn in Monol!