The General ESL program

General ESL
Building your foundation in English

The Regular Speaking ESL course of Monol was launched in 2013 using original teaching materials. The course aims to build the foundation of students in English by applying the Spiraling framework and the Communicative Approach to the facilitation of classes. It is composed of 5 subjects, which constitutes 7 hours of classes every day. For each sub-level established, it is encouraged for students to study the course for 8 weeks. However, in some cases, students improve faster and are eventually recommended to take the revalidation test for level-up after 4 weeks.

Intensive Speaking ESL

The Intensive Speaking (IS) ESL course offers man-to-man classes only. It is composed of 3 subjects, which constitute 4 class hours every day. Unlike the Regular ESL course, IS ESL has 3 profi ciency levels – Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced, however, the duration of each level is also designed for 8 weeks.
Leveling up is also possible in IS ESL.