The Kids of 3+1 Enjoy a Fun Game Night

This August, many kids and young students are enrolled in Monol. A number of them are staying in 3+1 rooms wherein three students are roommates with one teacher. With this setup, conversing in English comes naturally as well as learning and using English even after class hours. There is also time allotted for the students to discuss with their teacher what they want to improve on and learn.

As the kids spend their summer vacation in Monol attending English classes and enjoying the Baguio weather, the 3+1 activity gives them a chance to meet new friends and make unforgettable memories.

3+1 activity: live and learn

3+1 room activities usually include going bowling and watching movies at the cinema. However, most of the 3+1 students this term are kids. In this case, the teachers thought arranging a game night would be the most enjoyable for them.

As you would have it, the 3+1 kids spent the night playing fun parlor games. Of course, these activities are done while observing the English only policy in school. They participated in calamansi and pingpong ball relays as well as a two-person game wherein they had to draw what was being described in English.

They had a fun time playing in groups as they tried to paint a picture or depict as close as possible the English description of what was being read. Monol encourages these types of activities for students to make the most out of their stay in the academy.

Of course, the little party would not be complete without snacks! Both students and teachers gathered around to eat chips and Filipino rice cakes. As the game night was nearing its end, everyone took photos together to commemorate the moment.