The Special Movie Theater of Monol

Hi! My name is Ace. I will write about the movie theater of Monol in this post.

Is there really a theater in Monol? Actually, there is none, but there is a place called the Audio-Visual Room (AVR) with a big screen for students to enjoy watching a movie, just like in a theater.

This place is located at the B4 dining area. There are also classes here during the day.

The projector is set up with a computer in the AVR. This way, students can choose which movies to play in the computer. I usually bring my external hard disk when I watch a movie there. Some students save new movies in the computer there so now, it is full of movies. GOM Player was setup in the computer for playing the movies so subtitles can be read well.

This place is very popular for students. Every weekend or in the afternoons, you will find a lot of them there. Since it’s very popular among the students, you have to be very fast in securing a seat there. One student even plugged his Play Station there and kept playing all day. I felt bad because my friends and I also wanted to hang out there. I think all students should be given a fair chance to use the place. In my opinion, a reservation system is needed here. Anyway, feel free to tell the student manager if you experience uncomfortable situations like this. The manager will listen to you well.

This place would be very useful if you feel bored to go out on the weekend and just want to eat while watching a movie. I recommend this special movie theater of Monol to the current students if they don’t have any idea about it yet.