2022 has opened the opportunity for ESL academies in the Philippines to recover and offer the unique 1:1 learning setup once again. However, this time around, the study abroad experience will be totally different from what we know since it started a trend more than a decade ago.

In the “New Normal”, MONOL made sure to create more safe spaces for students. To foster a healthy learning environment, we also guarantee that all employees are fully vaccinated and our campus complies with the government-mandated safety protocols.

Creating safe spaces in Monol – single/double occupancy rooms

To effectively enforce social distancing, MONOL will no longer offer triple, quad, and sextuple rooms. Instead, we have transformed all dormitories into single and double-occupancy rooms. Not only are these ideal for social distancing but also provide less discomfort in case a student gets sick while studying in Monol. Students staying in a single room can isolate comfortably without causing any trouble to roommates, while there will only be minimal disturbance to those who are staying in semi-single or double occupancy rooms.

Health protocols for students who get COVID

MONOL, like any other establishment, is required to enforce the government’s health and safety protocols. One of the mandates is to be able to designate isolation rooms or areas for students who get infected with COVID while they are studying here with us. Rest assured that the academy will provide all kinds of assistance to help sick students recover and recuperate.

Refund policies

In case students get infected with COVID while studying in MONOL, we will make sure that their study plan will not go to waste. We will also release refunds as necessary and according to our policy.

To put our refund policy simply, we can give refunds to the terms that have not started yet. However, in case a student gets COVID during the term, we will be more considerate and flexible depending on the situation.

These are the possible scenarios for students who get sick in the middle of a term and are already ineligible for the 100% refund policy of the school.

  • For students who get COVID but with no symptoms or symptoms are mild:

Since students will only have to isolate themselves in their rooms, we will offer 3 options:

(1) Students will take online classes in their rooms during their isolation.

(2) If the students prefer to rest, we can keep their remaining classes and they may resume when they’ve recovered. During their resting period, we will consider their dormitory fee consumed. This means that when they resume their classes, we will be charging them additional dormitory fees.

(3) We can also convert the remaining classes into online classes and they may take them when they go back to their home country.

  • For students who get severe COVID and have to be taken to the hospital

Getting sick away from home is a difficult situation for any student. Much more so if the required treatment can only be taken at a hospital. In extreme cases like this, Monol guarantees refund of all unconsumed classes, lodging, and other services included in the fees.

Although face-to-face interaction is already being practiced in workplaces and schools, COVID-19 is still around to remind us to not let our guards down and be carefree just yet. Everyone at the MONOL campus will work together to nurture a safe and healthy environment for students, so they can make the most out of their study abroad experience.