Essential Tips for IELTS beginners: Lecture

I would like to write about the IELTS General Training (GT) lesson today and I will be sharing some tips.


Monol IELTS will take 5 hours of a group class, 3 hours of one-to-one class, 8 hours in total.

The group class basically consists of writing task 1 (WRITING TASK 1) – writing a letter (GT) task 2 (TASK 2) – essay writing listening, reading, and speaking.

Man-to-man classes are available in four areas that you think are deficient!

Writing-task-general-training-book reading-general-training-book

The difference between IELTS Academic and General Training is that the reading task is completely different from the writing task 1, the listening is the same, and the speaking is a little different in the question topic. ^^

Oh, ~ 8 hours a day is too much!

I do not have time to do my homework and I do not think there are too many personal cases. You do not have to add a man-to-man class. Frankly, man- to -man is more important than a group. If so, you can drop the group class in consultation with the headteacher.

The dropping of the class must be submitted directly to the IELTS Head Teacher, and you must complete the reason why you want to drop the class and the name of the subject you want to drop. Dropped subjects are not allowed to be retaken in that term. For example, I dropped a listening group class and a reading group in this term, but after a week, I might feel so lazy but I cannot go to the headteacher and for reconsideration.

speaking-book-IELTS listening-book-IELTS Writing-task-book-IELTS

You will start your course with the introduction of the Monol IELTS exam, you will begin your IELTS LECTURE class for one term (four weeks).

IELTS Lecture is the process that is required for beginners who are just starting IELTS.

You will learn what the problem is, how to solve the problem, and how to get a high score by writing an essay.

Monol IELTS teachers are much older than ESL teachers, and because they are so accomplished about IELTS, they can catch the weaknesses of the students well and they can lead the class.

They are also very helpful to those who worry about not getting grades. I highly recommend Monol IELT S for those who are worried about their IELTS score 🙂