Top reasons why I enjoy staying in Monol’s Standard Single room

Hello! This is Korean student blogger, Sam! It has been a week since I arrived in Monol academy. I think time goes by very fast, I wish it would slow down a bit. Today, I’m going to talk about the Standard Single room in the Monol dormitory.

I am a sensitive person when it comes to sleeping. When I was in was in a dorm room with roommates, I was often awake most of the night because I could not sleep. After experiencing that, I decided to apply for Monol’s Standard Single room or Room for One.

Of course, if you stay in a room with other people (especially if you have different nationalities), you can improve your English faster. Additionally, you can also share and learn more about one another’s culture. However, in my case, I could not sleep well in those circumstances so I decided to choose another room.

What to expect in the Standard Single room

Monol’s Standard Single room is a new room type added in the school dormitory. The design is very hotel-like and it has everything a student needs. The room has a bed, desk, refrigerator, and dehumidifier.

Since Monol is located in the mountains, it gets very humid so a dehumidifier is a must-have! I empty the machine’s water around three times a day.

The bathroom is also very new. The shower provides clean and warm water and is very convenient. Baguio gets very cold in the early morning so being able to take a hot shower feels really good.

Ever since transferring to the Standard single room, I sleep very well since it is cozy, comfortable, and feels like home. This is my Monol review. I’m looking forward to more experiences in Monol and improving my English skills. To my fellow Monol students, we can do this! 파이팅