Tourist spots in Baguio

I can’t stand hot weather, so I chose Baguio City to learn English. We can see the awesome sky and beautiful rainbows in Baguio. I like mountain climbing more than doing water activities. There are many mountains in Baguio City, so I can challenge myself to climb them. You can also visit a lot of tourist spots such as Camp John Hay, The Mansion, Mines View Park, Burnham Park, and many more.

A few days ago, my friends and I went to Burnham Park. We tried boating on the lake, in the middle of the park. People in Baguio, I suppose, are very friendly because they greeted and smiled at us. They taught us how to use the paddle. We communicated very well even if we were from different countries. I like enthusiastic and friendly people like those in Baguio City. I also love the beautiful scenery in Baguio.

by Nancy

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