Trying out the cake at Farmer’s Daughter Baguio restaurant

I was really curious about the cake restaurant around Monol. I grew even more curious when I see my foreign friends bring home food and cake from that place often. With that, I finally went to try the cake at the Farmer’s Daughter Baguio restaurant near Monol.

To get there, my friend said it would take around 20 minutes on foot and just three minutes when you ride a taxi. The Philippines has narrow sidewalks so walking seems a bit dangerous. Additionally, there is so much dust and smoke from the road and vehicles that it can be hard to walk anywhere.

When I first saw the restaurant, it did not look like a cake shop to me. Instead, it was actually a Baguio restaurant. The place had a long queue of customers outside. To avoid the rush of diners, I went to the counter and ordered my cake to bring home.

Farmer’s Daughter cakes

Most cakes are already sold out during the afternoon so it’s hard to find any during weekday evenings. I ordered chocolate cake and their famous blueberry cheesecake. It costs 325 pesos, which was really cheap price for cake.

The cake was really delicious and right then I knew the reason why friends can’t get enough of it. Next time, I want to try some local Filipino food.

Please note that the Farmer’s Daughter restaurant is open from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM on weekdays. On Sundays, it only operates until 3:00 PM.

Farmer’s Daughter is located near the tourist attraction Tam-Awan village. You can easily get there by riding a jeep or taxi. If you are departing from Monol, head towards the direction opposite of the city center.

When buying cake to take home, they place it in a convenient plastic container. The cake piece is bigger than the usual slice size so you can share it with your friends or place it in the fridge if you can’t finish all of it.

*All photos are taken by Student CHOCO*