Unknown Things to See

May 14, 2017, was the day I arrived in Baguio. It is the first place I’ve seen in the Philippines and there many things unknown to me that I have discovered.

Why did I choose Baguio? It is because I have many friends who study in Baguio before and another important reason is, security is better compared to other cities.

Let me talk about Baguio. First, many people live in scattered areas. When night comes, the mountains shine like a starry sky because of the lights coming from houses. This is special for me because it cannot be seen in China. Second, I came to Baguio during the rainy season. After the rain, there is fog everywhere. It is my field of vision. Every time I look around, it’s magical. I don’t feel cold. I also think of fantasy – that there is a vampire in the forest, just like in the movie, Twilight. Actually, mountain roads shrouded in fog is beautiful but dangerous.

Unknown 4

Every weekend, my friends and I go around Baguio City. I see many people in SM mall, smell the coffee in Camp John Hay Starbucks, taste fine food in good restaurants in Session Road, and find novelties at the night market. There are more unknown things that are waiting for me to see.

Unknown 3

On weekdays, I study in my language school, Monol. There are wonderful teachers and systematic teaching styles so my English skills improve day by day. I love my school because I met many teachers and friends. They let me know about Filipino cultures and lifestyles. I also met people from different countries. All of us cannot talk using good English, it’s very funny.

I enjoy chatting with my friends. We talk about our own country’s culture, future goals, and study problems. We are able to know each other well as the days go by. I want my English skills to be better and better because I want English to be my second language. I rejoice that I chose Monol School because they have the best teachers and I have kind friends who let me live happily. As far as I’m concerned, the most important is, I learn and know more about things and gain experience.

by Sonia

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