Vibrant, Retro Halloween

Vibrant Halloween is rare as it usually has a spooky atmosphere that brings forth different levels of fear and fun. In the efforts of giving a brand new experience for the workforce, Monol has brought the fashion of the past for everyone to revel in the Season 5 of Halloween Special on October 25. The theme is dubbed:

vibrant 1

80’s fashion was a fusion of contrasting styles from plaids to denim or black to neon. This colorfulness filled the campus as students and employees donned the vintage attire seemingly transporting the day into the past. What a sight to walk in the hallways!

The celebration entailed a short program, which was perfect to end the arduous series of classes and work. The highlight was a fashion show for the Best Costume Award, paired with several mini-games inspired from Minute-to-Win-it.

Candidates for the fashion show went through a pre-event pictorial and their official photos were posted on a bulletin board for voting. The program started at 5:00 pm straight to the main event. The 21 candidates walked with their wonderful outfits and some even performed antics that gave the audience amazement and fits of laughter. It was a moment to make noises for fun!

The audience also participated in the mini-games before the awarding session.

Out of the 21 hopefuls, the 4 winners are:


vibrant 12 

Star of the Night: Manager Leo

Before the program officially ended, several from the audience showed off their talents in singing. Each performance was applauded, which served as the best conclusion of the Halloween celebration.