Fam Tour 2019: VN and CN Agencies Tour Monol

The month of March marks the end of the Familiarization tour (Fam Tour). The last two agencies, Vietnamese and Chinese, made their way into the academy to have their Monol experience.

The Vietnamese group of agents visited the school last March 12th. Meanwhile, the Chinese agents’ visit was on March 25th, just a week after the Vietnamese agencies. As a constant part of the Monol Tour, both agencies sat through an orientation about the academy. This includes the facilities, curriculum, school activities, and fees.

Vietnamese Tour:

Aside from the orientation, the agents take a tour around the academy. They walk from the recreational facilities up till the dormitories. They get to see the different kinds of room arrangements first-hand as well feel the kind of environment Monol has to offer. In total, there were 35 Vietnamese and 35 Chinese participants in the Fam Tour.

Chinese Tour:

The Baguio English Schools Association (BESA) is responsible for organizing these Familiarization tours annually. This is a great way for the BESA affiliated English schools to connect with agencies and reach students. Plus, agents get to enjoy the beauty and weather of Baguio as well as have the chance to explore the city and its culture.